How Donald Trump reacted when his teleprompter broke (
To be fair let's see how Donald Trump working with his teleprompter.  Next time if you see a politician looking down to a podium while giving a speech, chances are they are reading from the prompter. 
  • Robin Just wondering [24830,SimMan]
    Do you have a preference for the next president?
    • SimMan I would rather have Donald Trump. After many years of research I came to the conclusion that the Fed, Wall Street, Washington, Media, Military Complex and other global corporations are all in one bed, aka the establishment/system controlled by a small group of shareholders, which I called them Owners in College. I would call Hillary a complete puppet any day. Presidents like Obama Bush and Clinton, both left and right, are nothing more than a talking figure.

      Now Trump he is an asshole, a douche bag, but at least he is more like a "real" person instead of a well-trained puppet. Incidents like this one video here is exposing the system, and I can tell why no one in the system like him because he does not follow their rules and standards. The corporate media also tried every way to demonize him, imo, he is the lesser evil.