All you need to know about Clinton in one post (

The mainstream media is not covering the real important issues, so here at Freedom Wall we'll do it. I don't bother to do one for Trump because you've heard about how bad he is. Hillary Clinton however is an honest, strong, benevolent, professional and independent woman. Here're the proofs: 

HONEST (example, lied about her emails)

STRONG (example, fainted at 911 ceremony)

BENEVOLENT (example, loved Bill and his mistresses/victims in order to keep family in power)

PROFESSIONAL (example, she read every word given to her)

INDEPENDENT (follow the money, all big donors)

Finally take a look at how they reported the attack of the 2nd twin tower 20 minutes in advance:
  • SimMan I should have brought this up too. They reported the collapse of the 2nd tower 20 minutes too early by mistake, there's no other explaination to this, the reporter just read from the teleprompter even though the tower is still standing behind her. The establishment knew that in advance:
  • facedone I'm a little puzzled,why this phenomenon happen?can't anyone else be here?
    • facedone yeah,I can just say it is the history that creats Trump and Hilary,but I didn't expect that this time is so ridiculous
      • SimMan I am happy that they keep getting lower and lower, otherwise we the little people will never be able to understand how the system really works.
    • SimMan Please read College again when you have the time. The establishment is there for a very long time. Through controlling the money supply they can control almost anything money can buy, global corporations, politicians, media, anything.
  • facedone this time,it may be the ugliest election ever,even Jeb Bush would be better than this two
  • kotomifan The last story surprises me. You would have thought Bezos thought police would have whacked this story like he did all the negative reviews on Amazon for her "book".
    • SimMan They should simply shut down the internet once and for all.
      • Keiryu Now where would i get my totally legal porn from if they did something like that. But i guess it would have some ups too. No more fu**ing Facebook status updates and twitts or whatever that shit is called.
      • Japanese Table Wouldn't that be detrimental to the SimGirls series, though?
      • SimMan The story is too long for an average person to read. It is supposed to be pro-clinton foundation I guess, it briefly raised the conflict of interest question, but never dig deep nor offer any point of view. It was supposed to tell people how many great things the foundation did, but somehow the writer did try to hint people how well connected and powerful they really are. I think by now most should know that how the Clintons lied about all kinds of things, they should be able to make the judgement call, whether this couple really care about elephants so much, or not.
        • SimMan I should add as a business man I know first hand the demand for money laundering from global corporations and billionares is huge.