Hillary Clinton: Rape Enabler (youtube.com)
In fact Madam Silver in College is a glorified version of Hillary Clinton. At least hear both sides and it's easy to see the corporate mass media, globally, is completely moving in a centralized and coordinated manner. 
  • kotomifan Forget it, boss. The Owners want Clinton to be President. Nothing short of her decapitating Oprah will stop that now.
    • SimMan Strangely, against the odds I feel that she will lose. I don't think Trump did it on purpose, but he is like the mega-playboy, being attacked 24/7 by the mass media with these 50 shades style eyeball catching scandals, just like having sex with 100 virgins at the wedding. They actually gave him free press as a result. This presidential debate sets viewership record of all time, so now he has the full attention of the public, and if he can somehow successfully expose her in the last two debates, it will be a great come back.
  • OSB Disgusting awww