Stop SimMan #2 (Soros) from stealing the election. Please join the people. (
We the people ask congress to meet in emergency session about removing George Soros owned voting machines from 16 states.

I still hope he will become a whistleblower like he did in Lovemore College - join the people and overthrow the evil establishment. 
  • kotomifan I agree that in the College story, the SimMen need a money guy. I didnt know too much about George Soros before, but anyone who cannot make the connection between heavy partisan donor and ballot machine maker is either ignorant or just giddy that their candidate will win.
    The real George Soros will need a massive public transformation before I believe he can become what you envision SimMan #2 to be.It's not impossible, perhaps (Reagan was once a Democrat) but it would seem that SimMan #2 would seem to be financing a revolution against...himself.
    • SimMan I know it seems impossible to happen, but logically, I don't see how the situation can be turned around without a truly powerful whistleblower. No mainstream media is reporting this obvious conflict of interest. I am sure even a mid-level insider come out and admit the fraud, there won't be any real media coverage. We the people are being silenced so badly. Nothing can stop this except a boss-level figure has a change of heart. If it takes a miracle to make this happen... you know this is truly a message from above.
      • SimMan And like the power struture of the Owners, there is a hidden empire out there and Soros is just an agent, an executive, for a big group of super elites. 99% of the time no outside force can break up a collusion. The damage can only be done from within.
        • kotomifan I agree that it would take somebody pretty close to the crown to break things up from within. While I think the current braintrust propelling Hillary is loyal in a way that makes Joseph Goebbels look ambivalent, anything is possible.
        • Rasheed I am sorry but who are the Owners?