• Ian Mayer ive read watched, listened to dozens of times already ive lost count how many xD
    • Rasheed Because it's the hottest game to come out!!!
      • Ian Mayer I want it but Mass Effect is the mai nfor me that month if I have money left for it I'm getting for the Wii u at least but plan to get the switch with it later anyway :-/
        • Rasheed I honestly haven't been playing Zelda in awhile since Twilight Princess. Reason being is because the games after didn't spark my interest high enough for me to buy a Wii or a Wii U for them. I consider myself big fan of Zelda because I'd read the entire manga series, have the Hyrule Historia, Ocarina of Time is my most favorite game of all-time, watched every episode of the Zelda cartoon and played pretty much every Zelda before Twilight Princess. This is the first time in a very long time that I am planning on buying an system because of one game!!

          Saving up as much as possible at this point! I have to run and get it!!
          • Ian Mayer I wont be able to get it on the Switch at launch but at least I can still get it for the Wii U at least that month will belong to this game and the new Mass Effect xD not to mention this Friday Gravity Rush2 comes out I believe xD