• Keiryu Ya know. I am guessing there is some context i am missing here. But that title is misleading as f**k...It told me i was gonna cry.

    Yet all i did was laugh at the Fathers funny beard, wish for a mentos cause of the daughters name, wonder at the fathers stalkish behaviour. I mean let's face it, if the daughter would have been banging the dude then he would have been perving out there.

    So yeah...I call false advertisment all this made me was. Laugh, Hungry and Confused in that order...Not sad...
    • Robin I cried... Because I finally realized how much time I spend watching YouTube videos :p
    • Rasheed WHAT TA' HELL, BRO?!?!
      • Keiryu I am an asshole. Let's be honest it should not suprise anyone at this point...But come on are ya telling me you did not notice how fast the dad got there. He was stalking the shit out of his daughter. As for the beard come on...It's funny looking. And for the Mentos...I just associate Mint with Mentos THE FRESHMAKER!!!
        • Rasheed The beard counts as long hair! LOOOOOONG HAIR!!!
          • Keiryu No it does not. Neither does armpit hair or asscrack hair. I am a long hair fetishist for "Head" Hair only.

            I am not into monkeys.
        • Rasheed I get the jokes, there is no way in hell he would have made it all the way there in time to save his daughter unless he was stalker her.

          "I know this bastard is going to rape her, I am going to follow that son-of-a-bitch!"
          • Keiryu Yeah like i said stalker. The dude from what little i saw seemed like a responsible guy. He even tried to save her and only ran away when he thought he might die. Which is normal human behaviour.

            So yeah...Daddy be stalking all up in that shit.