Response From Twitch (

Twitch is full of some bull$#¡+!
  • Robin To be honest, I can actually understand Twitch's reasoning.

    Also, this guy has a great talking voice :)
    • Keiryu The dude is saying what I said last time.

      AAA games nowadays tend to have just as bad content. Yet people don't care.

      Also I agree he has that gordan freeman narrator voice.
      • Rasheed I feel bad for him though. He put his blood, sweat & tears into this.
        • Robin Yes, I know.
          But it's understandable that they cannot keep reviewing a game over and over again everytime he makes a change. He understands that too (like he said in the video).
          Killing children in games is actually forbidden in a lot of countries, but I agree they should've put something in their rules.
          Comparing his nudity with nudity in games like Conan isn't really a fair comparison imo. With his game it was a core feature/focus of certain core activities. Conan has it as a funny extra that gamers "abused". And even if that wasn't the case, it's just smart business to be a bit more lenient to bigger players. Switch is a business and running a business is more than being as fair as possible.

          The only real mistake was their very late answer.
          • Keiryu I agree with ya on that. Ya can't blame twitch for removing the "kid" killing. However like I said.

            "Murder is murder" it does not matter if it is a kid or not. Look at fallout where ya can kill literally every named character as long as they are not kids. What makes their murders less severe?

            Last time I checked. If ya stab a dude in the face. HE DEAD!!! No matter the age.

            Everyone always goes on about kids this and kids that. Even though it is those exact kids that don't use their brain and just go murdering everyone. A personal who thinks can avoid harming anyone.

            That's what the problem is. Twitch just looked at the simple picture I doubt they actually played it. Or like anyone who played it they would basic facts like this.

            Just because I am an assholes who likes to murder everyone does not mean I don't know restraint. The supposed report is from people who just like to talk shit and Twitch is using broken rules to get their way.

            This makes them a bunch of hypocrites. Plain and simple.
          • Robin I think you should be able to kill kids in games, but it's still illegal to even have that option in a lot of countries. So you can't really blame Twitch for that.
            A business can't just do whatever they want either.

            I haven't played it, so I don't know about the nudity being a core feature or not.
          • Keiryu Actually no. The nudity like he pointed out was not a core feature. I played it and the only real time ya saw nudity was in the shower. Which is a minor part.

            The Titan mode which was also mentioned is not even part of the core game. It's a bonus he added based on the anime.

            If we consider that a core feature then we would have to consider other stuff like a slenderman mode he made.

            As for the child killing part again he perfectly said it. It's not advised to kill anyone in the game. He just made it realistic by adding it as another bonus.

            Look at a recently famous multi choice game like Undertale. See the game gives ya an option to kill every monster ya come across. That however does not mean it supports it. It advises against it just like Yandere Simulator.

            Ya as the player have the coice. Ya can't blame the creator to put realism into his "Yandere" the whole Yandere archetype is the "Crazy obsessed lover" shtick. It's logical for her to committ crimes. Just like an RPG hero is bound to kill a few thousand monsters.

            People always get sensitive when ya say "she killing kids" yet nobody gives a f**k if ya go "she killing monsters or faceless goon number 5003".

            This is what I mean when I say humans are hypocrites. The crime is still MURDER no matter if it is a kid or a faceless goon. So they need to stop being hollier then thou and admit that they are assholes like everybody else.