Subliminal Hyper Sexualization of Children Exposed! @ViolentCrimeUK (
This video is pretty long but it's quite interesting. You probably won't look at the media the same ever again!
  • Keiryu Actually nothing new...I recall saying this before but those child beauty contests that have been going on for years are the same thing.

    It's just a bunch of pervs oggeling little girls on international tv...
    • Robin In Belgium, beauty pageants for kids have been forbidden for this reason.
      But there are still plenty of other talent shows pervs can use to see little girls, so imo it doesn't really matter much.
      • Keiryu The method may change but the end result is always the same.

        Grown ass people watching half naked 5 year olds with more plastic in them then their favorite barbie.

        Only true solution forcefeed anyone with the idea to have half naked children appear anywhere their own testicles. If the person is a woman forcefeed her ovaries to that bitch.
  • SimMan Oh yeah if you ask me they are desperately trying to normalize this child sex behavior and legalize it as soon as possible.