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I wasn't expecting vampires to be like the ones you see in the horror films, or what we read about in fantasy books but like any fairy tale, there's always some true behind them. Stuff like this is where I tend to be obsessed about sometimes.
  • Keiryu Not really a secret that vampire-ish people exists. my favorite serial killer used to bath in the blood of woman to make herself look good.

    So of course there are people who drink blood and act really emo while wearing eyeliner and spouting dark nonesense. Before the days of Twillight we used to call them Emo. Before that we used to call them Goths
    • Rasheed Some people even find drinking blood erotic. Another fetish to add to the list of acts I wouldn't take part in.

      Let's see, *takes out a giant list* foot fetish...... vore...... tentacles......... fisting....... plant fetish..... there we go.
      • Fear57 Plep, get on my level.
        Necro play.
        • Rasheed Those were fetishes I will NEVER take part in because I personally find them strange (but obviously some people don't).

          Now the list of fetishes I would take part in. *whips out another list from his pocket*

          Let's see:

          BDSM, check
          Roleplaying, check
          Domination, check
          Tomboy fetish, honestly I don't know why I find this attractive but I can't help it, check
          MILF, check
          • Fear57 >Tomboy
          • Keiryu Haha. I love how ya two are basically entering a penis measuring contest. First of @Fear57 got ya beat buddy. He is one of the best weird guys i know here. Second. I win.

            BDSM = Done that. Both Sub and Dom
            Roleplaying = Done that. Even was a Furry at least twice that i can remember. So that's two done.
            Domination = Done that. Part of the BDSM treatment.
            Tomboy = Not sure if ya mean a chick with short hair. But done that. Even done an actual tomboy lesbian before. Fun weekend.
            Long hair = Yeaaaaaah. Done that. Several SEVERAL times....
            Milf = Done and even did a Gilf before.
            Bondage = Part of the BDSM treatment. So done that too.
            Latex = Same as above. Done
            Gore = Define gore? Do ya mean if i ever cut someone up? Burn them? Electrocute them? Waterboard them? If so. I will neither confirm not deny it. In case the popo is listening in.
            Necro Play: Only thing on ya lists that i have not done/confirm to not having done. I like life not really attracted to death itself. I blame the fact that death tends to kinda...smell like arse...

            I could list more. But trust me...I win...So put ya wieners back in ya pants ya pervs.
  • Fear57 CSI: NY did an episode on this (Sanguine Love) There is a ritual you must attend where you reject all Prophets and reject God with all he stands for and agree that you are submitting to hell. "Feeding parties" are mostly done with members that have already been screened for AIDS and such and blood is consumed casually in small amounts, like a shot of bourbon or whisky. Some believe in this so much they react violently to any religious artifacts (mainly Christianity.) If you encounter one, do not make contact, they have only one goal to get as many people to join as possible. So unless you want to spend eternity in hell, stay away from it.
    • Rasheed I only follow the LORD! I refuse to join any other path. Whether peaceful or bloodthirsty. Thank you.