Codex Gigas: Mystery of the Devils Bible (
Where there is light, there is darkness.
  • SimMan Satanism is always there, and they had found a way to get to the very top of the power structure in the last two decades
    • Fear57 The majority of Satanists do not even believe in Satan or God. It's about looking edgy and black magic. It's Luciferians that are truly piles of shit. Not only are they horrible people in general, they condone murder of Christians and Jews and some even gladly take part. Some European Black Metal bands take to burning churches without a second though if it was occupied or not. They wear their crimes like a badge of honor and even brag about it. Truly horrifying people that deserve every bit of the betrayal they are going to receive in the end.

      Even fucking Black Sabbath knew this and wrote a song about it.
      • SimMan I don't know if there is a source that I can trust to learn about them. I just know they disguise and lie about a lot of things. I tend to believe the same group of elites is behind them and they just use different labels and identities to recruit diffetent types of followers.