16-Year-Old Black Trump Supporter Schools Black Lives Matter Moron in Epic Debate (youtube.com)
I didn't know some African-Americans supported Trump. Ice Cube, Shaq, etc. 
  • SimMan I just want to reinstate the fact that the mainstream media is the problem. They are twisting and hiding things all the time to push the agenda from the establishment onto the people.
    • Mike I learned this from a very young age.
      We had a trial against this man who was accused of being a pedophile, and all the Danish media covered it, and painted him as guilty.
      Even the media outlet called: "Danmarks Radio", (which every danish citizens are "forced" to pay for in order to keep them impartial) painted him as guilty.
      Turns out he was innocent.

      That was also the time I learned what a pedophile was, and what it could do to a mans career, even if falsely accused.