Looking for my Wonder Woman
I mean, appearances are nice to look at but I would take an ugly chick who treats me good than the model who treats me like a normal guy. I also prefer a woman who wants to go outside with me instead of staying inside. 
  • kotomifan True, but it would help if the picture in the meme didn't look like Scooby-Doo's ex-girlfriend.
  • Mike I could honestly never be with a person I do not find attractive.
    • Robin Well, like I said. There are limits when it comes to her looks but having the right personality always makes a girl more attractive to me (over time, as I get to know her).
      But a relationship without any form of attraction is pretty much doomed imo.
      • Mike Exactly how I have It.
        Also, sometimes things that might seem like a defect, both physical and behavior gets less noticeable over time.
        I knew this girl once, the first time I meet her, I thought to myself, she sure is pretty, but the way she stares with her eyes, makes her look like a doll or robot.
        As I got to spend time with her, and got to know her, It might sound weird, but her appearance changed for me, she no longer looked like a doll/robot.

        And then there Is the boner killer, and that Is when a girl smokes, that is when they become extremely unattractive to me.
  • Mike All I need Is a woman from a foreign country, who'll do all the housework xD
  • Robin Ofcourse I have my limits when it comes to looks but for relationships all I need is a girl that is generally happy, smiles a lot and likes to do activities instead of just staying in all the time. If she looks good, it's just a nice extra :)