So here's a question for the day: What exactly is the hate on Barack Obama?
I understand this website is strongly based off of "freedom of speech" but I want to get straight to the facts and not the emotions. 

From my experience, I couldn't fully understand the hate on Obama. This is likely because I didn't pay attention to politics as much as I do now. Was Obamacare really that awful? Sure, it was bad but that can't be the only reason why people would be hating on Obama. There are people claiming that he was "the worst president ever". "Worst", now that's a strong word! 
  • Keiryu If there is one thing i have learned in my life. It is this. There is no point in arguing about presidents. Unless ya hate leads to ya killing them.

    In that regard i can respect the likes of Booth, Oswald and Czolgosz. Not because i agree with their actions. But rather just because they did not just talk the talk. They walked the walk all the way to hell.

    On the argument of worst president in US history. Most people seem to agree that Thomas Wilson takes the cake though. Then again depending on who ya ask some people will call Lincoln the worst. Which just fortifies the "It's useless to argue" theory...
  • Fear57 Just to start.
    - Failed to provide birth certificate, which automatically disqualifies you yet because he's part black "Oh guys we can't be racist." A certificate that was release after he was in office and proven to be fake enforcing the Kenya born theory.

    -Proposes a Healthcare bill. In the U.S. Healthcare is not a right and Government has no authority to touch it. Then says that we could not know what was in that bill unless we pass it. That bill later makes our then health system that was "meh" to now be one of the worst for a developed first world nation. Increasing premiums up to 1,500%.

    - Later uncovered he ordered the IRS to tax Conservatives more than Democrats. Once discovered he was forced to fire some people to cover his ass.

    - Allowed the NSA authority to over ride the 4'th and 5'th Amendment to spy on every citizen in the U.S.

    - Said on live T.V. that he ENCOURAGES illegal people to vote. If you are illegal in this country the only thing you are entitled to is a set of handcuffs. You have no right to vote.

    - Signed the U.N. Arms Treaty which if ratified gave U.N. permission to send troops door to door and take personal firearms with deadly force if needed.

    - Targeted Republicans and Whites spawning BLM and later Anti-Fa.

    - Ordered troops to leave all equipment including their rifles when pulling out. All of that equipment went to ISIS. He quite literally armed ISIS.

    - Bombed Syria every day for his entire 8 years (Average 1 bomb every 25 minutes)

    - Promoted Muslims like God's chosen people and even said they "are the fabric of this nation." Basic history research shows Muslims had fuck all to do with this nation's founding.

    - Told kids that it is easier to buy a gun than a book.

    - Allowed North Korea to do whatever they want.

    - Condemned Christianity repeatedly calling the Crusades more violent than ISIS and European attacks. (See picture)

    - Injected the Democratic party with the "Us vs Them" mentality

    This is just to name a few, there is a lot. A LOT more than that. Sure there were a few and I do mean a few good things, but overall yes, this pile of walking shit was indeed the WORST President ever to reside in office and also the most Anti-American President to ever sit in office.

    Carter must be relived he can live out the rest of his days knowing he's no longer the worst, just second worst now.
    • Rasheed Bombed Syria? But hasn't Trump done the same?
      • Fear57 Sending 5 bombs to a base in your current time in office once = bombing every 25 minutes for 8 years
    • Fear57 OH! And one of the biggest ones I forgot.

      - Ended 'Wet foot, Dry foot' policy. This was a policy set in place by Clinton that Cubans feeling made it to shore and touched ground, they were safe and could not be sent back. This is a policy I agreed with as Cuba is a Communist hell hole. Every small business is owned by Castro's army, people make shit there and the only people getting good health care are Government Officials. Obama ended this after the it was announced Trump won. He ended it purely because he was asshurt that Cubans voted for Trump.
  • Mike I don't follow politics either, and I know why I love him, he's a democrat.
    I come from a democratic country, we have free healthcare, free education, free dental until you're 18, after that there is a pretty cheap insurance plan, that we cover quite a lot, a pretty decent welfare.
    All of that costs money of course, we pay almost 50% in taxes.
    • Fear57 Paying 50% in Taxes means it's not free, just expensive. Does it work for Denmark, well no shit, but if you implemented that in the U.S. the economy would completely collapse.
      • Mike That is true, we just perceive it as free, because that's what we're told it is xD God I'm brainwashed.
        I fully agree, we would never be able to compare our countries with each other, that would just be foolish.
  • SimMan The liberals are called Democrats in the US. Or I should say almost all Democrats are supporting the global liberal agenda. Obama was the leader and the icon of the Democrats so he is taking all the heat, but in fact I am sure he is just a front man and it's people like George Soros, the Clintons, and Rothschild working behind it.
    • Rasheed Most Democrats do follow Liberalism but not all. There's a reason why they're two separate parties. But if most Democrats have Liberal viewpoints, then I might as well say Democrats and Liberals are the same. Which gives me more of a reason why I probably shouldn't like them.

      I had noticed a pattern.

      Democrats = Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Gays, Poor, Women & Young people are supported.

      Republicans = Whites, Business Owners, Rich & Old People & Christians are supported.

      I wonder why this pattern is like this?