It was still Japan's fault for underestimating America
If we were to ever hit WWIII, maybe the French won't chicken out again. I am just hoping we don't start another big war again. If we do, we definitely know who the enemy is going to be.
  • kotomifan One can only imagine how the war would have gone had Hitler not burned up his resources on the Russian front.
  • Spartan HEY even Poland was mention! + for that
    great showing France
  • Robin I think only Americans think WW2 was like the first picture :p
    • Rasheed I believe half of us believe this. We only really fought against the Japanese and beat them hard. Luckily, we are in friendly terms with them. Take the past and learn from it, don't live it.
  • Mike The next WW It would most likely be out of spite, and not to overtake other countries. So there will be a lot of weapons of mass destruction involved. It wont be like any WW we have seen.
    • Rasheed Some old gentleman once told me, "World War III will be deadly, but World War IV will be the war that ends the world for good."

      True or not, I just hope I am dead before we ever get a World War IV or any major war in the future.