How I Became a Racist, Sexist, Misogynist (
The more you know.

It's true, Liberals are over emotional about every subject and they vote Democratic because they simply don't have the ability to look past emotions and set for business. I have seen more Republicans be successful in business than the Democrats. I seen more Republicans educated than Democrats. I seen more Republicans with stable families than Democrats. Of course there's going to be not-so-good Republicans out there but we can't say that they are all terrible because a couple of them are actually racist. After all, no one is perfect! But honestly, I am tired of hearing Democrats/Liberals call every damn Republican racist! They say that every time a Republican runs for president! It's uneducated.

This beautiful lady here understands that Liberals are not in the right! 

Black Lives Matter is bullshit! Modern Feminism is bullshit! Social Justice is bullshit! These are all just a bunch of unstable overemotional leftists who love wasting time! 

OH WAIT! I'm a legal Mexican who studies massage therapy with Asians, White & Black people and have more female friends than male friends but I must be sexist and racist because I work for my money and don't demand anything but instead EARN IT!
  • Robin I agree, except in my opinion politics in general is always kind of tricky. Most politicians are more concerned about themselves than others.