4 True CREEPY As Hell McDonalds Scary Stories | Encounters With Creepers and Stalkers at McDonalds (youtube.com)
This Halloween, I guess it's time to do some Halloween things. As a Christian, no, I don't celebrate Halloween but I do like doing the scary true stories and Corpse Husband is one of my most favorite channels on YouTube. This video is also one of my favorite videos. Freaks me out because I am an Mcdonald's employee (not for long). 
  • Keiryu Creepiest thing i ever experienced at a fast food restaurant was actually in Burger King not Mcdonalds. Namely 3 dudes going to town on each other literally in front of Burger King and i don't mean hugs and kisses here. I am talking dick based human centipede...
  • Mike The creepiest thing I have experienced at Mc Donalds, was a buddy of mine who took a sip of his soda (through a straw), placed it on the table (not fast nor hard), and the soda squirted at him, like a small water gun.

    We were both befuddled, It seemed so surreal, we tried to re create it, with no luck.