This is why I don't have a Tumblr account
It's like they don't want two genders, so they make up some random shit that they pull out their ass and create a pile of it! This generation has some of the most bizarre people I have seen!
  • Robin I'm confused about how to have sex with half of those :p
  • Erudain what? and where is the attack helicopter gender?...I identify myself as an AH-64 Apache
    • Rasheed I'm a Agender version 16874687 from the year 3179! I love to have sex with aliens, animals, trees and dirty cans of soup! I also think male and female genders should be wiped out!!
  • kotomifan The first two symbols were originally for Venus and Mars (or Aphrodite and Ares). All the rest are just....not.
  • Keiryu Oh hey. Those must be the Unown for the new pokemon game.