10 Reasons Why Girls Should Have Sex With Dogs (WTF!?!?!) (youtube.com)
I almost forget these people exist in this world but seriously, WHAT THE BLOODY FUCK!!! Reasons like this is why I wonder if I should give up on humans! 

What is this girl talking about?! Cavemen used to screw dogs too! You know, back in those days we used to kill children if they disobey traditions, have sex with brothers and sisters and slavery was practiced for a centuries. Maybe we should bring that back too, huh?! 

Can't get pregnant or get an STD?! What about getting a nasty infection that will seriously damage your junk?! 
  • Mike Hahaha, I had almost forgotten her.
    Yeah, she's nasty, she also have an video on the internet somewhere, where she has sex with the dog.
    • Rasheed There are other nasty things she does too. I don't know if it's childhood trauma, a developing fetish, sexual confusion or sexual depression but either way, she seriously needs help!