And people wonder why I don't like talking to colored hair people
Is this world getting stupider by the year or what?
  • kotomifan Maybe it wouldn't look so bad if they weren't seeming to be cosplaying at the same time.
  • Keiryu How exactly do ya raise someone to be "Gender Neutral"...Did they cut of his cock? Unless the "Mompop" did not stick his dick inside the "Popmon" to produce that son i kinda doubt the existence of their brain...

    Especially since they are still a straight couple...What they are doing is brainwashing the kid from an early age to not be able to identify his own gender. A gay couple can raise kid without that kid ever being gay...Why the f**k can't a "Straight" couple raise their kid the same way?

    The kid is 4...He has no f**king clue where he wants to put his dick in...Heck he probably does not even know that ya can use ya dick for more then pissing. So why the f**k would ya cut it off before he even had a chance to use it?

    One thing i am curious about though...Why the f**k is it that when i chain someone in my basement and break their body and mind to the point that they can't even piss without my command. It is considered a "Crime". While when idiots like this brainwash their child till he does not even know that he has a dick. It is considered "Raising a child"?

    I don't mind people who are transgender. I say go for it. I do however mind idiots who don't realize that they are straighter then a line...
    • Mike You're lucky, if only I had a basement.
      I have to tie them to the living room table.
      Just an FYI don't have guests if you choose to do so, was the most awkward family gathering in awhile.
      • Keiryu Meh. Could have been worse. They could have discovered the remains of ya last 50 mindslaves currently rotting in the attic. But then again. At least ya have an interessting topic to start small talk over.
    • Rasheed The real question is, what is the fucking point? Why do people care do much about this stupid gender stuff? Is it a disease that spreads to the sexually confused types?
      • Keiryu There is a big difference between being "Transgender" and being whatever the f**k this people pretend to be. A transgender person is a person that can literally not stand the sight of their own body. They don't just dress in drag for fun. They go under the knife exactly because they can't live like that.

        I can respect a transgender person who goes all the way.

        I can't however respect a bunch of idiots who identify themselves attack choppers...That's just people being stupid.

        So yeah. In a sense being transgender is a sort of disease. It's a mental condition those people have which i can respect and understand. While being "Gender Neutral" is just ya being a complete dumbass... Big difference.

        One people suffer to be able to change. The other they are idiots...I let ya guess which is which...
  • Mike Well, It gave them 15 minutes of fame.
    I hate to question whether or not if a transgender or gay person choose to be it for the attention, or If they actually are.

    I often meet people who I secretly question inside my head (never out loud) their legitimacy of being it, is valid or not.

    When I see these people who're trying to turn themselves into a parrot and what not, all I can think Is, that they probably didn't get enough attention as a child, and now they wanna be special, be one of a kind.
    And I sometimes get the same feeling with some transgender people.

    Also, could we please stop raising our children as "gender neutral".
    Its so dump.
  • SimMan We are living at crazy times for sure.