• SimMan Shooting out bitcoins? It's more like a printing press
  • Fear57 Cigs are NASTY. No flavor and do nothing, nothing but a nicotine fix, thank God I don't have the addictive gene. Had literally one and never went back to them. Cigars on the other hand, DELICIOUS! Buying in box actually saves you money and you have plenty of variety. Right now I have 3 boxes with one on the way. 4 boxes of cigars will last me over a year. Some people go through a box a week. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!
  • Rasheed Haha, the average pack of cigs cost around, $5.00.

    There are people out there who smoke one to two packs a day!

    $5.00 x 2 packs = $10.00 a day
    $10.00 x 7 days = $70.00 a week
    $70.00 x 2 weeks = $140.00 lost until payday. (Average worker gets paid bi-weekly)

    $140.00 is enough to pay for groceries that could last you two weeks!