My honest opinion on Trump.
While politics isn't one of my most favorite subjects, I know I have to be part of it. It's very important. 

Before election, I felt like Trump was an idiot who wanted to president out of having ego. Trump isn't a long time politician, he's a fucking business man with a fat mouth! Why would Americans vote for some jackass who hates on Mexicans. Racist asshole! 

But....... 80% of this change when Trump came to office. I realized that he meant "illegal immigration", which yes, are a lot of Mexicans and he had a strong reason behind this. The reason wasn't solely that there were too many immigrates here but also because some of those immigrates are actual rapists and criminals. Mexico isn't doing very good at the moment, so there's a likeliness of mentally ill folks coming to America. If they came here, "legally" I wouldn't have an issue but they come quite often with no rights. This actually isn't a new thing, there are some countries that feel uncomfortable when someone from the other side comes to live with them. I wouldn't feel comfortable neither. However, I felt like he couldn't have worded it a little better but now I understand where he is coming from. 

As for African-Americans, I haven't found any evidence that he is against them. In fact, I found more evidence that he liked by them in the past. Some African-Americans didn't look over this. 

So far, the only thing I could really say about him is that he says things that sound "offensive" but not really. Some people took this out of hand. He has said some stupid stuff though. Until his term is over, I can't say he's as bad as people say he is. 

Now, I am not for Republicans or Democrats but I do dislike Liberals!! Liberals are some of the biggest scums of politics! 

Any comments?
  • Fear57 One of us
  • SimMan All I can say Thanks God! People finally discovered the truths! GREAT STUFF, bro!
    • Rasheed Thank you.
      When I heard "he was deporting Mexicans" I remember nervously thinking, "Shit, I'm fucking screwed!"

      The question is, why is the media attacking Trump? Is it because he is Republican?
      • SimMan There is really something called the establishment, the Deep State, or what I called the Owners. They are the shadow government, owning all Democrats/Liberals and I guess over half of the Republicans. They also controlled the mainstream media and Hollywood. This Deep State is completely corrupted and they would love to stay in power just like any dictator and tyranny in the history. Trump, for the moment, I still see him as a true outsider trying to end this corruption, so they are trying all things to destroy him.
        • SimMan PS. Some corrections: Trump was supposed to be an insider, a small part of the Deep State for the most part of his life, and yes he was a playboy too, but I think we can all agree that no one should be judged completely by his backgrounds.