Taking the girlfriend out to dinner!
Dea has been bitching to me that we don't date anymore and thinks I have "goo-goo" eyes for Serena just because we were talking over at the park. Only to catch Serena saying, "You can't get those eyes off my ass, can you?" Serena is just a fling that I can get over in a matter of weeks but Dea is a woman I want to spend the rest of my life with! To show my appreciation, I decided to show my fine lady the finest dine in Shambala! Cost me about $244.17 but it's worth it!
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  • Red Haired Devil Funny Serena still brings up the time Dea B-slapped her across the face, said her palm print was throbbing red on her cheek for at least three hours not to mention the bruise she left. I'd tread carefully, Get on your girls bad side and it won't be your face she'll go for. yeowch
    • Rasheed Serena loves guy's attention from what I noticed. One time we were at the Mall, she keeps asking me to how she looks in certain clothes and dresses. I try to be polite and say things like, "That's pretty cute." or "If I was a woman, I would totally wear that." Dea already knows that I find her attractive but she doesn't get jealous usually because she knows I love to stare. But recently she thinks I don't find her attractive because she catches me talking to Serena and staring at her body when Dea is right next to me. This happened more than one. If there is one thing I fear more than Rufus, it's an angry Dea Lovemore!
  • SimMan Lol. That suit is awesome btw. Thanks for sharing your stories! I really think calm, caring and intelligent Dea is the type of woman that can match your outgoing almost hyper most of the time type of character in real life.
    • Rasheed It's always good to keep a balance! Opposites to attract!

      Plus, she's the most mature Lovemore!