Freddie Vs. Rasheed - part 1

My fans are shouting loud and proud! So loud that it sounds like it's a building filled with a thousand WWE fans. Instead it's really just a big studio that possibly consist of a hundred Black Yakuza members or more! 

"M-E-X-I-C-O! Mexico! M-E-X-I-C-O! Mexico!" 

As my fans give me encouragement. Even as the sole Hispanic blood in the gang. While my fans are confidence in my win against my competitor, my feelings are mixed. My opponent isn't no laughing matter. Some claim that he punch a bear out cold, some believe he has the strength of Mike Tyson!! I have seem this man punch out our new member unconscious for 30 minutes! If I give him a clear opening to my jaw, I could be next! Best thing to do is keep my fists high. To make matters worst, this is boxing! If I could incorporate kicks into my fighting, this would have been a whole different story. But I am sadly at a disadvantage!

 Now, your question is, why are we doing a boxing match? The Yakuza have been losing their mind over who can beat who's ass in a fight! Some Yakuza members decided to put up a boxing underground so that the head officials didn't know about this. They would kill us if they knew we were fighting for entertainment and gambling instead of practicing!  There was a poll created several days for the Yakuza to put together who they would like to see fight. Some members include Takashi, Tariu, Primero, Karen, Lepage, Terry, Katilyn, etc. It just so happens that my buddy Freddie and I were the most wanted fighters! The creator of this Yakuza Boxing happens to obsess with boxing itself so, he decided to let it be boxing. Sometimes I wish it was Street Fighting! My mind in a bit of uncertainty, I went the flow. 

"Freddie is a Slugger." As I turn my face to the right while sitting at the corner of the ring, I first see the legs of some short guy then work my way to his face to see that it's a friend of mine. A fellow Yakuza! Daisuke!

 "Bro, I don't care what type of boxer he is, the problem is that, I can't use my legs and if I do, I am going to be disqualified! I often use my punches and legs to create connections and takedowns." as I said in a somewhat frustrated matter.

"That means he's a slow fighter and very predictable! The only problem is, you have to make sure those punches don't touch your face! Your body may be able to take punishment, at least, more than your chin can, but one good punch to the jaw and it's night night to you, bro. From what I know, your punches may not have as much power as Freddie's, but they compensate for speed." 

Looking at my arms for a split second and turn my head by to Daisuke.

"You are smart, you should know that you have advantages too." said Daisuke

I'd smirked at him momentarily until I heard the young announcer yell in his most manly voice ever!

"And on the right is the crusader of peace, a god fearing man, the one who makes hundreds shit their pants by his presence alone! THE FEAR MACHINEEEEEEEEEE, FREDDIEEEEE!!!" 

As he walks into the ring and around it flexing his guns at his fans. I could hear one of his lovers yelling.


Not letting get to me. Angry fighting is only blind fighting. Freddie points his fist at me after showing off. 

"Remember, keep your hands up." Daisuke tells me before I decide to walk up to Freddie get ready to pound our boxing gloves."

"All right gentlemen, no dirty tricks, no kicking." As the announcer looks at me, "and no ear biting!" as the announcer looks at Freddie. Freddie is slightly shorter than I am but his arms, shoulders and even his neck are thicker than mine! He had this massive scar around his eye that made him look more intimidating. But the look on his face is the most intimidating of them all. As if he has been to war and killed several men. We both lift our gloves in the air.

"I don't need guns to shoot your head off!" said Freddie

Smashes my groves downward hard as I was doing my best to keep my posture. 

"Maybe you should have brought them just in case I smash you on the ground!" I said.

Moving back to our corners.


(I will try not to make it this long next time)