Project Maneki: Primordial Goulash
Ryuuji shook his head as he left his library and headed to the main hall. If his suspicions were correct, the servants were gathering in the so-called store room. As he got to the top of the stairs, he looked down.

He could hear the crash and muffled tones of people scrambling to cover what they were doing. A smile crossed his lips as he reminded himself what power he had.

Laszlo appeared at the bottom of the stairs.
"My lord?"
"We need to talk. About your trip to see your mother in Budapest. Come up."
Laszlo's normally crisp uniform was slightly askew as he ascended the stairs.
"Yyyyes, my lord?" he stammered as his reached the top.
Ryuuji headed to the kitchen.
"I've been reading a fascinating article about genetically modified microorganisms and digital routing of their patterns. Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, in America. Two weeks ago."
He smiled.
"Did your mother enjoy your presentation as much as the scientists did?"
Laszlo's face turned dark.
"You're not making chicken pot pie down there. Show me. Everything."
"Your father asked us not to involve you."
"My father is not here."
Ryuuji bolted past him and walked toward the open door of the store room.
"My lord. Please. Stop."
"WHY? So you can lie to me again?"
"My lord, there's millions of dollars of research down there. It's all brilliant. But some of it is..."
"My lord, you are an adult. If a policeman came to our front door, you need to decide, right now. Do you want plausible deniability, so you can say with a straight face that you have no idea what we are doing?"
It must be big. Huge.
"Does the Big Don know?"
Laszlo nodded.
"Then, so must I."
Ryuuji charged downstairs. He saw the other servants staring back at him. Two vessels sat in the center of the room, surrounded by computer cables. Inside the glass of the left vessel was Maneki, one of the housecats, wrapped in bandages. On the right was...Maneki.
"So, you clone cats?"
"Not exactly, my lord. Genetic mapping of digital information, transport of the information through digital media, and reassembly using 3D printing."
"So, the second cat is just a model?"
He approached the right vessel. The second Maneki opened its eyes. And hissed.