Project Maneki V: Plunderwear Day (
Laszlo shook his head.
"What? There's sweat in them, right?" Ryuuji asked.
"Possibly. We need something with a bit more...material. Volume. Something like a bandage. A feminine product. Underwear."
"That's not normally something that girls just give away..."
It hit him all at once.
Underwear day. Girls selling their underwear.
And, the date was tomorrow.
Ryuuji realized he had answered his own question. He quickly ran down to the bank to prepare for tomorrow.

A chatty teacher kept him from joining the festivities when they began. By the time he arrived, there were three sellers left. Tomoko, whose DNA he had. Ami's who he didn't need.
And Kotomi.
Kotomi had a rock solid belly and the ability to stretch her limbs over her head. He figured she probably had the stamina to go all night long in bed if she had to. Plus, there was a rumor around school she had gone backdoor.
He fingered the cash as he waited for her name.

But first there was Tomoko. She caught his eye and walked over in her bra and panties. She turned her back and bent over seductively.
"Don't have a few bucks for these, Ryuuji?" she teased.
"They have my scent all over them."
The crowd murmured their approval. Ryuuji didn't budge, even when that asshole Primero paid the maximum of 200 for her pair. She ducked behind the blind, came out with a towel on her lower half, and handed them to Primero.
Primero turned her hand over after he received her panties and kissed it, to the ooohs of the crowd.
The bidding started for Kotomi. Ryuuji and Primero quickly got the bidding to the 200 buck max. Ryuuji took out another hundred.
"I'll go three."
Kotomi had hated Tomoko's little show and decided to go one higher.
"I'll take it."
"Four!" shouted Primero.
Ryuuji was through playing. He pulled out his wallet.
He then eyeballed Tomoko, then Primero.
"And two more if you don't go behind the screen."
Ami jumped in.
"Don't do it, Korri."
"Ami," her friend replied. "Go to the back and get me a towel. The minute I'm naked, toss it to me."
"Do it."
Kotomi waited for Ami to return. Every moment Ami was gone, Kotomi could feel everyone undressing her with their eyes. She could feel her nipples harden, and she was starting to feel a little sexy in her lady parts.
"On three," Kotomi directed. "One..."
She reached behind and unbuckled her bra.
She slid her panties down. When she stood back up, she held her bra over her breasts and her panties over her pussy.
"Get the money from Ryuuji, Ami."
Ryuuji handed over the cash.
"Is it all there?"
Ami held a large towel and the cash in her hand. She just took a guess.
With both hands, Kotomi threw both the bra and the panties at Ryuuji. Ami was surprised by this and hesitated before throwing the towel. It landed beyond Kotomi, causing her to bend over to get it. The assembled crowd could not help but get a lingering view of her vag as she scrambled to pick up the towel.
"Five hundred if you drop the towel again." Ryuuji sneered.
"You got your show," Kotomi replied. She turned to walk to the locker room.

As the crowd dissipated, Ryuuji looked down at the expensive underclothes in his hand. He heard a voice call his name.
It was Kotomi. She smiled.
"If you still have five hundred, I could use some dinner."
He smiled an unhealthy smile.
"And maybe some dessert?"
She quickly flashed the towel open, revealing she was still naked underneath.
"Oh, I always leave room for dessert."

  • Keiryu Also. I just noticed there is a nipple showing. QUICK GRAB ME MAH BANHAMMER!!! ;D
  • Keiryu One of this days Doucheface...My knife will meet ya face. It's gonna be a beautiful day. Not that i dislike his plan. I actually support it. I just don't like Doucheface...Or his relatives...
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