Project Maneki VI: American Thighs
Ryuuji was mulling over the remaining sips of whisky in his glass when Svetlana appeared. She was in her labcoat today, with her glasses on.
"Doctor, er, Laszlo, wants to see you downstairs, my lord."
He stopped her.
"I get it. You're scientists and engineers and the servant thing is a façade."
She smiled. "It's not the worst thing I've done for money, my lord."
He motioned. "Lead on."

Laszlo looked concerned when Ryuuji came downstairs. Svetlana passed him and went to her silver table.
"What is it, Laszlo?"
"Let me show you something, my lord."
They walked past Svetlana's table to a large monitor. At first, all Ryuuji saw was a bunch of coding data and formulas. He watched as Laszlo typed away.
A image of a redhaired woman, in full-frontal naked display, appeared.
"You saw the other day that we had issues with the base. Did you want your...model to start like this?"
Ryuuji thought of Tomoko. And then, Kotomi.
"Frankly, no."
One keystroke later, a similarly explicit photo of Svetlana appeared. The "Maid" scientist" was nude and spread-eagle on a silver background, her eyes open. Ryuuji could not help but look over to where she stood. They probably used that table, he thought. His mind's eye imagined her undressing and climbing naked onto the table.
"This is...more like it."
"Agreed. But Svetlana has asked that she not be duplicated. Do you have another subject in mind?"
"Not yet."
"Let me show you what we can do so far."
"Her hair can be lengthened to as far down as mid-back due to the strength of the sample's scalp."
"The sample torso can be rebuilt to handle an increase of up to five centimeters or two cup sizes. But not both. The waist can be tailored up to two inches."
"And the legs?"
"We were not able to do anything further with the material. Do you have any more?"
Ryuuji remembered that school was closed. Where else might he find material?
"Let me think about it."

He settled himself into his "junk" Lexus and drove the streets. He made the turn into a small shopping area, and saw an unmistakeably Western blonde enter a shop. He parked immediately and strode to the store.
The blonde appeared surprised by the sound of the door opening, but quickly went into customer service mode.
"Welcome to my mystic shop. May I help you?"
Her nametag was precariously balanced on the left breast of her bandage dress. He quickly glanced around for something to ask about. He had expected to be entering a clothing store, but this mystic shop had few articles of clothing. But what it did have was lingerie. He grabbed the first item on the rack, a bright red outfit.
"Excuse me, miss...Sana. Is this on sale?"
"Three seventy five," she replied.
"And this black one?"
"Two hundred."
"I'm buying it for a friend. May I ask you to model it for me?"
She clearly anticipated this question.
"I model outfits for a hundred. Each. Payment in advance in cash. " She pulled out a piece of paper.
He wondered if it was a way to discourage young perverts, or to make money off old ones. Either way, he had the money, and placed it down on the paper.
"Very well."
She went to the back and changed. When she emerged, she was nearly naked, as the outfit barely covered her breasts and crotch.
"Can you...walk in that?"
She walked the length of the store to the front door and came back. He noticed that the strip of cloth between her legs was not covered in a panty. Perfect.
She stopped in front of him.
"Did you want a gift box?"
A she picked up a box, she saw him peel two more hundreds off the roll. She went back to the front and drew the shades. She also turned the open sign to closed.
She came back to the rack of clothes.
"Would you like me to model something...else?"
He peeled off another hundred. She took it, and grabbed the red outfit. She went to the back behind the door and slipped the black outfit off. She walked over and placed the black outfit in a box.
She came back over to the rack.
"What do you think of this?"
"Not bad."
She glanced down at the hundreds. She looked back at him and smiled. Keeping her eyes on his, she slipped out of the red outfit and walked back over to the rack.
"Do you have a favorite color?"
He took all of it in, her pert breasts, solid hips, slim legs. She was definitely a natural blonde, as her bush was trimmed to a small tuft.
He stepped forward.
"I've always been partial to, light tan."