Project Maneki VII: A Sapphic Discovery
Laszlo was in his butler attire, serving Ryuuji a whisky. But Svetlana was no longer going with the pretense.
"Doctor, we received the report from Ludmila."
He spoke in hushed tones.
"Go on."
"The subject's search history is...typical. No sports, no porn, and a smattering of fashion. Mostly school related searches.".
She handed him a printout.
"Much fascination with time travel. Jules Verne and modern day manga."
Laszlo turned to his employer.
"My lord, remember when we had the idea of a replicator transmitting over the Internet?"
"You have chosen Ami as your subject. We think that the best way to build a remote port would be to...assist her in building what she thinks is a time machine. We can supply a series of materials, assist her in doing the work, and when it comes time to transmit, we'll get the signal from her location and perform the reassembly here."
Ryuuji sat up.
"She'll never know?"
"All she'll think is that her machine failed."
"Let's do it."
He paused.
"What materials do you mean?"
"Your father has a warehouse in town. He keeps materials for the upcoming festival in there: coffee cans, teddy bears, cleaning towels. We're supposed to get a shipment of cheap flowers in there today."
"Do you know what fuels a time machine?"
Laszlo laughed.
"Me neither, my lord."

"Three months of work, and we're done."
Ami wiped her brow.
"I'm not sure I could have done it without you, Svetlana. I'm so glad you were at the library that day."
"Not a problem, Ami. I am so happy for you."
"Are you sure you don't want to go?"
"I cannot."
"Your mother. I understand."
Ami turned towards the craft.
"I will miss our long nights working on this."
Svetlana smiled.
"I will"
She planted a kiss on Ami's cheek.
Ami saw the mattress behind her. One of the things she had discovered in the past 90 days was the warmth of a woman's touch. It had started a few weeks in, when Svetlana suggested that Ami travel in the nude so the clothing did not merge with her skin. The first time Ami undressed in front of her, she felt cold. The coldness went away as Svetlana held her in her arms, and slowly began to kiss her.
Ami unbuckled her overalls. Svetlana stripped her work clothes off, and stood naked in front of her. Ami lowered herself to the old mattress and let Svetlana work her magic. Her breasts tingled under her lover's touch. Her little pink spot between her legs flourished, and acted as a nerve center of pleasure to Ami's body, driving her higher and higher as she reacted to Svetlana's probing tongue.

It took a few tries, but Ami had learned to give the same pleasure to Svetlana. She watched as Svetlana's coolness subsided, and she writhed and moaned as Ami found the special places between her thighs. They traded off for hours; finding every corner of the mattress and the garage as they found deeper and deeper pockets of  passion to explore. How they ever got any work done in the last few days was a mystery.

It was that way tonight. But As Svetlana stood back up, Ami saw what she thought was her last look at her partner's body. The taut, almost sharp breasts. The well- defined abs that yielded to the soft, salty sweetness of her pussy. How he loved that taste!
She stood up and embraced her
"Don't forget me."

Ami entered the machine. She turned and blew Svetlana a kiss. Her lover was already back in her labcoat. The steely Slav girl seemed to melt as she looked back.
The door closed.
Svetlana called Laszlo.