Project Maneki VIII: The Shocking Finale (
Laszlo went to the console and initiated the sequence. It was nice to see Svetlana be dispassionate about her work. He had been afraid that she had become too involved. A quick hack of the onboard camera revealed what he feared; that Svetlana was spending much of her time with Ami in a lurid affair with her. She was spending more time with her nose and her fingers intimately entering Ami's body than working in the "time machine" transmission console.
This is why Laszlo was skeptical when she had personally come in to recommend that the Ami part of the experiment not go through. She presented data and reports, all arguing that the altered being may become a hazard to itself, or possibly others,
Her efforts had spectacularly backfired when The Master had decided to make his own Maneki. Not a day later, two large men entered the lab. One introduced himself as Genya; the other said nothing, but the first man called the second, "Bloody King". Svetlana had taken each to a quiet area, and had emerged with sperm samples from both. She gave no details as to how she obtained them; however, her shirt tail was not tucked in when she returned.
It had been her idea to set up the remote at Ami's house; she helped Ryuuji set up a similar remote in the garage When Ryuuji complained that he wouldn't see the transformation, she promised they would remote in video of the lab.
Svetlana's signal would trigger two reactions, the build of the Master's "Omega Playboy" Maneki body type, and the "Super Model" Maneki body type with Ami as the core.
A kilometer away, Ami slept, naked, in a drug induced sleep Svetlana had prepared. Svetlana had slipped her some medicine during their final sexual session. Ami had no idea, as she was too busy feeling Svetlana's tongue probe her lady parts.
Above her, the machine recorded DNA of her various body parts, as a server mapped out her body. A hologram formed in the lab, with Laszlo's and Svetlana's specifications, altering Ami's figure.
A second hologram formed a 3D picture of a reengineered Ryuuji. A team of 3D printers scrambled to fit his Maneki body to the hologram.

The first body to be finished forming was the Omega Playboy. The "new" Ryuuji was a foot taller, with rippled muscles bursting from every visible limb. And every limb was visible, as the super-Ryuuji was stark naked.
He examined his own wrist, and leered at the assembled staff.
"See?" He gloated. "Look at the man I am now. I am invincible."
To make his point, he formed a first and struck the gurney he had just been in. It crumbled to the floor.
"This will be you."
He pointed to Laszlo. He then spun around to Svetlana.
"I'll make sure to probe your every hole before I go, nerd lady. May as well start stripping now. "
He opened his mouth. His tongue seemed to have grown as well.
A few moments later, the second figure was complete. She hopped off the gurney, and made a point of presenting herself to the Omega Playboy. Her face was Ami's, but the rest of her nude body seemed chiseled from Greek renderings. Her bust was enormous. Her butt, almost as.
"You think you're a champ. Check out all this."
She circled around the new Ryuuji.
"You couldn't handle the likes of me, can you?"
He leered.
"Not just you. Every woman in this city."
"Is that so?"
The Super Ami motioned to Svetlana.
"You. There's a defibrillator kit behind you. Fire it up."
The young scientist followed orders.
"What's that for?"
"You are the Omega Playboy, right? Well, you are about to have the orgasm of a lifetime. In 360 seconds, I will get you to the point of climax. Then the defrib will take you over the top. You may jizz on the ceiling if we're not careful."
"That's insane," Svetlana murmured.
"Loverboy can handle it, right?"
The Omega Playboy leered at Svetlana.
"And you'll be next."
The Super Ami waited for Svetlana to fire up the device. She motioned Super Ryuuji to lay down. She took him in her mouth, and started to go into motion. She went back and forth, bathing his member, as he lay in ecstasy.
The machine made a signal that it was charged.  Svetlana positioned herself at Super Ryuuji's chest, pads at the ready. She could almost feel his gaze looking down her shirt as she readied herself. The other view was not that much better; Ami's face was still Ami's face, and seeing it contorted by Super Ryuuji's proportionally larger member as she rhythmically screwed him with her mouth was...
OK, it was kind of sexy.
Super Ami lifted herself away from his crotch. Svetlana lowered the pads. The Omega Playboy's  body convulsed. True to her statement, a burst came from his crotch to the ceiling above.
He never saw it. His pupils dilated immediately.
The real Ryuuji watched from the garage.
"What happened?"
Super Ami looked up.
"What you don't realize is, his first instinct is to find the core body and descroy it, He would have killed you. Immediately. The first time he saw you."
Ryuuji was silent.
"And how did you know that, Ami?"
"Oh, my face is Ami's, to be sure. But I couldn't let Ami go through the trauma your experiment would have caused her. So my mind is..."
She smiled at Svetlana, who smiled back.
"Svetlana's.. I see. So the defib pads?"
"Fail Safe."
Svetlana took over.
"My father made lots of munitions. First for the Army, then the mob. He said, always make a fail safe, so the bombs you make don't kill you. The Omega Playboy had one known flaw - a lesion near the heart that the shock turned into a coronary aneurism."
"So, what happens now?"
Super Ami lay down, next to the now dead Omega Playboy.
Svetlana lay beside her and gave her a long kiss. With tears in her eyes, she looked up at the monitor, where Ryuuji stared back at her, She smiled one last time at the face of Ami. She had grown to love this face; in a few short minutes, she might embrace it again. Still, it looked like she was about to destroy this lovely face and her spectacular body.
She had no choice.
They all knew it.

  • Keiryu I spy with my lil eye. Something starting with I and a dead guy...That rhymed

    Not exactly the kind of killing i was hoping for. But hey i take it...Omega Doucheface is just a fancy way of being a Doucheface. Still gonna kill the original one day...Don't question it...Just accept it.
    • kotomifan Stabbing's your thing; so when I needed a way to kill "Alpha Doucheface" without your mini-me, I had to find something else. I bet his insides were quite messy post mortem.
      And hey- having this new game opens the universe a bit. Plenty of room for stabbing there.
      • Keiryu If horror movies have thought me anything. Then it's this. There is always room for one more stab...Always.

        So wait. Speaking of which. This was the Alpha. So ya thinking about more Douchefaces appearing? Maybe have a tie in with the Super Zombieman Omega Doucheface? Seems like a interessting idea.