Dark Times

  • Project Maneki VIII: The Shocking Finale
    Laszlo went to the console and initiated the sequence. It was nice to see Svetlana be dispassionate about her work. He had been afraid that she had become too involved. A quick hack of the onboard camera revealed what he feared; that Svetlana was spending much of her time with Ami in a lurid affair with her. She was spending more time with her nose and her fingers intimately entering Ami's body than working in the "time machine" transmission console.
    This is why Laszlo was skeptical when she had personally come in to recommend that the Ami part of the experiment not go through. She presented data and reports, all arguing that the altered being may become a hazard to itself, or possibly others,
    Her efforts had spectacularly backfired when The Master had decided to make his own Maneki. Not a day later, two large men entered the lab. One introduced himself as Genya; the other said nothing, but the first man called the second, "Bloody King". Svetlana had taken each to a quiet area, and had emerged with sperm samples from both. She gave no details as to how she obtained them; however, her shirt tail was not tucked in when she returned.
    It had been her idea to set up the remote at Ami's house; she helped Ryuuji set up a similar remote in the garage When Ryuuji complained that he wouldn't see the transformation, she promised they would remote in video of the lab.
    Svetlana's signal would trigger two reactions, the build of the Master's "Omega Playboy" Maneki body type, and the "Super Model" Maneki body type with Ami as the core.
    A kilometer away, Ami slept, naked, in a drug induced sleep Svetlana had prepared. Svetlana had slipped her some medicine during their final sexual session. Ami had no idea, as she was too busy feeling Svetlana's tongue probe her lady parts.
    Above her, the machine recorded DNA of her various body parts, as a server mapped out her body. A hologram formed in the lab, with Laszlo's and Svetlana's specifications, altering Ami's figure.
    A second hologram formed a 3D picture of a reengineered Ryuuji. A team of 3D printers scrambled to fit his Maneki body to the hologram.

    The first body to be finished forming was the Omega Playboy. The "new" Ryuuji was a foot taller, with rippled muscles bursting from every visible limb. And every limb was visible, as the super-Ryuuji was stark naked.
    He examined his own wrist, and leered at the assembled staff.
    "See?" He gloated. "Look at the man I am now. I am invincible."
    To make his point, he formed a first and struck the gurney he had just been in. It crumbled to the floor.
    "This will be you."
    He pointed to Laszlo. He then spun around to Svetlana.
    "I'll make sure to probe your every hole before I go, nerd lady. May as well start stripping now. "
    He opened his mouth. His tongue seemed to have grown as well.
    A few moments later, the second figure was complete. She hopped off the gurney, and made a point of presenting herself to the Omega Playboy. Her face was Ami's, but the rest of her nude body seemed chiseled from Greek renderings. Her bust was enormous. Her butt, almost as.
    "You think you're a champ. Check out all this."
    She circled around the new Ryuuji.
    "You couldn't handle the likes of me, can you?"
    He leered.
    "Not just you. Every woman in this city."
    "Is that so?"
    The Super Ami motioned to Svetlana.
    "You. There's a defibrillator kit behind you. Fire it up."
    The young scientist followed orders.
    "What's that for?"
    "You are the Omega Playboy, right? Well, you are about to have the orgasm of a lifetime. In 360 seconds, I will get you to the point of climax. Then the defrib will take you over the top. You may jizz on the ceiling if we're not careful."
    "That's insane," Svetlana murmured.
    "Loverboy can handle it, right?"
    The Omega Playboy leered at Svetlana.
    "And you'll be next."
    The Super Ami waited for Svetlana to fire up the device. She motioned Super Ryuuji to lay down. She took him in her mouth, and started to go into motion. She went back and forth, bathing his member, as he lay in ecstasy.
    The machine made a signal that it was charged.  Svetlana positioned herself at Super Ryuuji's chest, pads at the ready. She could almost feel his gaze looking down her shirt as she readied herself. The other view was not that much better; Ami's face was still Ami's face, and seeing it contorted by Super Ryuuji's proportionally larger member as she rhythmically screwed him with her mouth was...
    OK, it was kind of sexy.
    Super Ami lifted herself away from his crotch. Svetlana lowered the pads. The Omega Playboy's  body convulsed. True to her statement, a burst came from his crotch to the ceiling above.
    He never saw it. His pupils dilated immediately.
    The real Ryuuji watched from the garage.
    "What happened?"
    Super Ami looked up.
    "What you don't realize is, his first instinct is to find the core body and descroy it, He would have killed you. Immediately. The first time he saw you."
    Ryuuji was silent.
    "And how did you know that, Ami?"
    "Oh, my face is Ami's, to be sure. But I couldn't let Ami go through the trauma your experiment would have caused her. So my mind is..."
    She smiled at Svetlana, who smiled back.
    "Svetlana's.. I see. So the defib pads?"
    "Fail Safe."
    Svetlana took over.
    "My father made lots of munitions. First for the Army, then the mob. He said, always make a fail safe, so the bombs you make don't kill you. The Omega Playboy had one known flaw - a lesion near the heart that the shock turned into a coronary aneurism."
    "So, what happens now?"
    Super Ami lay down, next to the now dead Omega Playboy.
    Svetlana lay beside her and gave her a long kiss. With tears in her eyes, she looked up at the monitor, where Ryuuji stared back at her, She smiled one last time at the face of Ami. She had grown to love this face; in a few short minutes, she might embrace it again. Still, it looked like she was about to destroy this lovely face and her spectacular body.
    She had no choice.
    They all knew it.

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  • Project Maneki VII: A Sapphic Discovery
    Laszlo was in his butler attire, serving Ryuuji a whisky. But Svetlana was no longer going with the pretense.
    "Doctor, we received the report from Ludmila."
    He spoke in hushed tones.
    "Go on."
    "The subject's search history is...typical. No sports, no porn, and a smattering of fashion. Mostly school related searches. Save...one".
    She handed him a printout.
    "Much fascination with time travel. Jules Verne and modern day manga."
    Laszlo turned to his employer.
    "My lord, remember when we had the idea of a replicator transmitting over the Internet?"
    "You have chosen Ami as your subject. We think that the best way to build a remote port would be to...assist her in building what she thinks is a time machine. We can supply a series of materials, assist her in doing the work, and when it comes time to transmit, we'll get the signal from her location and perform the reassembly here."
    Ryuuji sat up.
    "She'll never know?"
    "All she'll think is that her machine failed."
    "Let's do it."
    He paused.
    "What materials do you mean?"
    "Your father has a warehouse in town. He keeps materials for the upcoming festival in there: coffee cans, teddy bears, cleaning towels. We're supposed to get a shipment of cheap flowers in there today."
    "Do you know what fuels a time machine?"
    Laszlo laughed.
    "Me neither, my lord."

    "Three months of work, and we're done."
    Ami wiped her brow.
    "I'm not sure I could have done it without you, Svetlana. I'm so glad you were at the library that day."
    "Not a problem, Ami. I am so happy for you."
    "Are you sure you don't want to go?"
    "I cannot."
    "Your mother. I understand."
    Ami turned towards the craft.
    "I will miss our long nights working on this."
    Svetlana smiled.
    "I will miss...you."
    She planted a kiss on Ami's cheek.
    Ami saw the mattress behind her. One of the things she had discovered in the past 90 days was the warmth of a woman's touch. It had started a few weeks in, when Svetlana suggested that Ami travel in the nude so the clothing did not merge with her skin. The first time Ami undressed in front of her, she felt cold. The coldness went away as Svetlana held her in her arms, and slowly began to kiss her.
    Ami unbuckled her overalls. Svetlana stripped her work clothes off, and stood naked in front of her. Ami lowered herself to the old mattress and let Svetlana work her magic. Her breasts tingled under her lover's touch. Her little pink spot between her legs flourished, and acted as a nerve center of pleasure to Ami's body, driving her higher and higher as she reacted to Svetlana's probing tongue.

    It took a few tries, but Ami had learned to give the same pleasure to Svetlana. She watched as Svetlana's coolness subsided, and she writhed and moaned as Ami found the special places between her thighs. They traded off for hours; finding every corner of the mattress and the garage as they found deeper and deeper pockets of  passion to explore. How they ever got any work done in the last few days was a mystery.

    It was that way tonight. But As Svetlana stood back up, Ami saw what she thought was her last look at her partner's body. The taut, almost sharp breasts. The well- defined abs that yielded to the soft, salty sweetness of her pussy. How he loved that taste!
    She stood up and embraced her
    "Don't forget me."

    Ami entered the machine. She turned and blew Svetlana a kiss. Her lover was already back in her labcoat. The steely Slav girl seemed to melt as she looked back.
    The door closed.
    Svetlana called Laszlo.

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  • Project Maneki VI: American Thighs
    Ryuuji was mulling over the remaining sips of whisky in his glass when Svetlana appeared. She was in her labcoat today, with her glasses on.
    "Doctor, er, Laszlo, wants to see you downstairs, my lord."
    He stopped her.
    "I get it. You're scientists and engineers and the servant thing is a façade."
    She smiled. "It's not the worst thing I've done for money, my lord."
    He motioned. "Lead on."

    Laszlo looked concerned when Ryuuji came downstairs. Svetlana passed him and went to her silver table.
    "What is it, Laszlo?"
    "Let me show you something, my lord."
    They walked past Svetlana's table to a large monitor. At first, all Ryuuji saw was a bunch of coding data and formulas. He watched as Laszlo typed away.
    A image of a redhaired woman, in full-frontal naked display, appeared.
    "You saw the other day that we had issues with the base. Did you want your...model to start like this?"
    Ryuuji thought of Tomoko. And then, Kotomi.
    "Frankly, no."
    One keystroke later, a similarly explicit photo of Svetlana appeared. The "Maid" scientist" was nude and spread-eagle on a silver background, her eyes open. Ryuuji could not help but look over to where she stood. They probably used that table, he thought. His mind's eye imagined her undressing and climbing naked onto the table.
    "This is...more like it."
    "Agreed. But Svetlana has asked that she not be duplicated. Do you have another subject in mind?"
    "Not yet."
    "Let me show you what we can do so far."
    "Her hair can be lengthened to as far down as mid-back due to the strength of the sample's scalp."
    "The sample torso can be rebuilt to handle an increase of up to five centimeters or two cup sizes. But not both. The waist can be tailored up to two inches."
    "And the legs?"
    "We were not able to do anything further with the material. Do you have any more?"
    Ryuuji remembered that school was closed. Where else might he find material?
    "Let me think about it."

    He settled himself into his "junk" Lexus and drove the streets. He made the turn into a small shopping area, and saw an unmistakeably Western blonde enter a shop. He parked immediately and strode to the store.
    The blonde appeared surprised by the sound of the door opening, but quickly went into customer service mode.
    "Welcome to my mystic shop. May I help you?"
    Her nametag was precariously balanced on the left breast of her bandage dress. He quickly glanced around for something to ask about. He had expected to be entering a clothing store, but this mystic shop had few articles of clothing. But what it did have was lingerie. He grabbed the first item on the rack, a bright red outfit.
    "Excuse me, miss...Sana. Is this on sale?"
    "Three seventy five," she replied.
    "And this black one?"
    "Two hundred."
    "I'm buying it for a friend. May I ask you to model it for me?"
    She clearly anticipated this question.
    "I model outfits for a hundred. Each. Payment in advance in cash. " She pulled out a piece of paper.
    He wondered if it was a way to discourage young perverts, or to make money off old ones. Either way, he had the money, and placed it down on the paper.
    "Very well."
    She went to the back and changed. When she emerged, she was nearly naked, as the outfit barely covered her breasts and crotch.
    "Can you...walk in that?"
    She walked the length of the store to the front door and came back. He noticed that the strip of cloth between her legs was not covered in a panty. Perfect.
    She stopped in front of him.
    "Did you want a gift box?"
    A she picked up a box, she saw him peel two more hundreds off the roll. She went back to the front and drew the shades. She also turned the open sign to closed.
    She came back to the rack of clothes.
    "Would you like me to model something...else?"
    He peeled off another hundred. She took it, and grabbed the red outfit. She went to the back behind the door and slipped the black outfit off. She walked over and placed the black outfit in a box.
    She came back over to the rack.
    "What do you think of this?"
    "Not bad."
    She glanced down at the hundreds. She looked back at him and smiled. Keeping her eyes on his, she slipped out of the red outfit and walked back over to the rack.
    "Do you have a favorite color?"
    He took all of it in, her pert breasts, solid hips, slim legs. She was definitely a natural blonde, as her bush was trimmed to a small tuft.
    He stepped forward.
    "I've always been partial to, light tan."
  • Project Maneki V: Plunderwear Day
    Laszlo shook his head.
    "What? There's sweat in them, right?" Ryuuji asked.
    "Possibly. We need something with a bit more...material. Volume. Something like a bandage. A feminine product. Underwear."
    "That's not normally something that girls just give away..."
    It hit him all at once.
    Underwear day. Girls selling their underwear.
    And, the date was tomorrow.
    Ryuuji realized he had answered his own question. He quickly ran down to the bank to prepare for tomorrow.

    A chatty teacher kept him from joining the festivities when they began. By the time he arrived, there were three sellers left. Tomoko, whose DNA he had. Ami's who he didn't need.
    And Kotomi.
    Kotomi had a rock solid belly and the ability to stretch her limbs over her head. He figured she probably had the stamina to go all night long in bed if she had to. Plus, there was a rumor around school she had gone backdoor.
    He fingered the cash as he waited for her name.

    But first there was Tomoko. She caught his eye and walked over in her bra and panties. She turned her back and bent over seductively.
    "Don't have a few bucks for these, Ryuuji?" she teased.
    "They have my scent all over them."
    The crowd murmured their approval. Ryuuji didn't budge, even when that asshole Primero paid the maximum of 200 for her pair. She ducked behind the blind, came out with a towel on her lower half, and handed them to Primero.
    Primero turned her hand over after he received her panties and kissed it, to the ooohs of the crowd.
    The bidding started for Kotomi. Ryuuji and Primero quickly got the bidding to the 200 buck max. Ryuuji took out another hundred.
    "I'll go three."
    Kotomi had hated Tomoko's little show and decided to go one higher.
    "I'll take it."
    "Four!" shouted Primero.
    Ryuuji was through playing. He pulled out his wallet.
    He then eyeballed Tomoko, then Primero.
    "And two more if you don't go behind the screen."
    Ami jumped in.
    "Don't do it, Korri."
    "Ami," her friend replied. "Go to the back and get me a towel. The minute I'm naked, toss it to me."
    "Do it."
    Kotomi waited for Ami to return. Every moment Ami was gone, Kotomi could feel everyone undressing her with their eyes. She could feel her nipples harden, and she was starting to feel a little sexy in her lady parts.
    "On three," Kotomi directed. "One..."
    She reached behind and unbuckled her bra.
    She slid her panties down. When she stood back up, she held her bra over her breasts and her panties over her pussy.
    "Get the money from Ryuuji, Ami."
    Ryuuji handed over the cash.
    "Is it all there?"
    Ami held a large towel and the cash in her hand. She just took a guess.
    With both hands, Kotomi threw both the bra and the panties at Ryuuji. Ami was surprised by this and hesitated before throwing the towel. It landed beyond Kotomi, causing her to bend over to get it. The assembled crowd could not help but get a lingering view of her vag as she scrambled to pick up the towel.
    "Five hundred if you drop the towel again." Ryuuji sneered.
    "You got your show," Kotomi replied. She turned to walk to the locker room.

    As the crowd dissipated, Ryuuji looked down at the expensive underclothes in his hand. He heard a voice call his name.
    It was Kotomi. She smiled.
    "If you still have five hundred, I could use some dinner."
    He smiled an unhealthy smile.
    "And maybe some dessert?"
    She quickly flashed the towel open, revealing she was still naked underneath.
    "Oh, I always leave room for dessert."

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  • Project Maneki IV: Private Dancer
    Ryuuji figured the easiest way to get DNA matter was to date the girls, then find something that would have their DNA to bring back.

    First on his list was Mako. He barely knew her as the spike haired girl in Biology class, but a brief glance in her direction quickly established her as having the biggest bust in the immediate vicinity. After lab, he stepped in front of her as she passed by.

    "There's a new place opening up near campus," he proposed.
    "I have rhythmic gymnastic practice after class."
    "I'll wait."

    He had no idea she had held a crush on him for some time.

    In the empty gym, Mako motioned for Ryuji to sit down. "Oh, and let me have your belt."
    Ryuji obliged.
    Mako did her ribbon dance routine, using Ryuji's belt the best she could. She would have preferred a tie. 
    He looked amused but not overly interested.
    "And this is my rope routine." Mako stripped to her panties and bra. Her heart pounding, she did her routine in ways she never had even imagined, exaggerating her moves, so her audience of one saw every part of her. She made sure her finish was only a few feet from him, panting madly, legs askew.
    "Now that was something." Ryuji was paying attention.
    She had seen that great swimmer's body before, at the meet. It was time to see it again.
    She stood up. He stood up. She noticed as they kissed, his hands went immediately to her ass. She tugged his belt-less pants to his knees. As she took him in her mouth, he beamed down in approval.

    As the light dimmed in the windows, he scooped up her socks and placed them in his pocket. As he moved towards the door to leave, he heard her call out.
    "Did I wear my socks here?"
    "To be honest," he lied. "I didn't see them."  
  • Project Maneki III: Double Vision
    Ryuuji drained the rest of his whisky, and looked at his phone. It was stuffed with notifications: Freedomwall add requests, come-ons from women to meet him, come-ons from salesman to sell him things. A text from that annoying pipsqueak Ami. One science project, done when they were both twelve, does not mean he wanted to join her science club six years later.

    Still no Tomoko.

    He got up and looked through the glass of his living room picture window. One amorous night, he had stripped Tomoko naked and had her press her body against the glass as he took her from behind. He tried to imagine if somebody had looked into his yard and seen the window. There she would be, both open for all the world to see, but in the possession of the man of the house. Her form, convulsing with the pleasures only sex can bring a body, as he fervently charged her further and further into her final climactic moment.

    He slumped back onto an easy chair, and felt a slight pinch. Tomoko had left a hairbrush in the cushions. He went to throw it away when it suddenly dawned on him.
    Hair. Has. Genetic. Material.
    He held up the hairbrush, and tried to imagine Tomoko's hair on that nasty used woman in his basement. It was enough for him to throw the brush away, just the same.
    But what if...
    He fished the smartphone out of his pocket. A couple of clicks, and he was looking at Miss Popular Mechanics herself. With an evil grin, he laid the back of the phone on the hairbrush.
    "Here's a little science experiment for you, Ami. What if I turned that beanpole physique of yours into a big boobed, big bootied, break the internet worthy of a body. You would be so grateful. So grateful, you would come crawling to me, on all fours. Then I could hit that uncharted territory of yours, night..."
    He rested the brush and phone on his crotch.
    "After night, after night!"
    He rocked his hips a couple more times, trying to imagine that nerdy girl in full passion on his lap. It took a moment before he noticed he was not alone. It was Pagette, one of the new hires, in her crisp maid uniform.
    "Sir? More whisky?"
    Ryuuji bounded up. He handed her the glass, and for the first time in recent memory, didn't try to look down her shirt.
    "Need a clear head. We've got work to do."
  • Project Maneki II: Twice the Charm
    Laszlo beckoned his lord away from the cat.
    Ryuuji shook his head.
    "We get bombarded with reminders to spay our cats, my friend. Making a cat copier is not going to justify all your costs. And while the ASPCA might be ticked off, the cops won't be."
    "Maybe you're right, my lord. But the animal rights people can get pretty crazy."
    "I'll bet."
    Ryuuji was about to head back upstairs when he heard a familiar voice cry out.
    "Help me! Is there anyone out there? Please help!"
    Laszlo froze. He then waved his hand silently. Soon, a second servant appeared with a handful of masks. They were all Guy Fowlkes masks.
    "What are these for?" Ryuuji demanded.
    "Plausible deniability, sir."
    Laszlo put the mask on, and held it out for his employer. After all the scientists had donned their masks, Laszlo walked with his master toward a large cage. He opened the tarp and uncovered the bars of the cage.
    Ryuuji knew the naked, red haired woman in the cage at a glance. He tried to play dumb.
    "Who is she?"
    "MY NAME IS AKAGE!" cried the figure in the cage.
    "Help me!"
    Laszlo quickly covered the tarp and removed his mask.
    "She's a local courtesan, my lord. She ran afoul of both the law and the local ruffians. Apparently, she owed them both a bit of money, and would have been, well, terminated."
    "Will your experiment harm her?"
    "Hardly. In fact, we plan to release her quietly. All that has happened to her is that we had her swallow this blue pill."
    "And then what will happen?"
    "Just as there are now two cats, my lord, there will be two strumpets. But the copy that we're making of this red haired, green eyed woman, should have black hair and brown eyes."
    Just then, a second servant approached. Only while Ryuuji had only seen her in her short, tight-fitting maid uniform, today, she was in a lab coat. Oddly enough, she still wore her uniform's black lingerie under it.
    "Svetlana, what is it?"
    "Unfortunate news, doctor. Maneki 21  compilation failed."
    "Oh, no."
    Laszlo ran to a holding tank on the other side. The figure lay prone, with a noticeable dent in her forehead.
    Svetlana turned the figures face. Bone, veins and sinew lay in knotted random patterns where the face should have been.
    "A transmission error."
    Ryuuji thought he was going to be sick. Laszlo lay a hand on his employer's shoulder.
    "There is a fortunate event in this failure, my lord."
    He held up a strand of hair.
    "Maneki 21 would have had long, black hair."

  • Project Maneki: Primordial Goulash
    Ryuuji shook his head as he left his library and headed to the main hall. If his suspicions were correct, the servants were gathering in the so-called store room. As he got to the top of the stairs, he looked down.

    He could hear the crash and muffled tones of people scrambling to cover what they were doing. A smile crossed his lips as he reminded himself what power he had.

    Laszlo appeared at the bottom of the stairs.
    "My lord?"
    "We need to talk. About your trip to see your mother in Budapest. Come up."
    Laszlo's normally crisp uniform was slightly askew as he ascended the stairs.
    "Yyyyes, my lord?" he stammered as his reached the top.
    Ryuuji headed to the kitchen.
    "I've been reading a fascinating article about genetically modified microorganisms and digital routing of their patterns. Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, in America. Two weeks ago."
    He smiled.
    "Did your mother enjoy your presentation as much as the scientists did?"
    Laszlo's face turned dark.
    "You're not making chicken pot pie down there. Show me. Everything."
    "Your father asked us not to involve you."
    "My father is not here."
    Ryuuji bolted past him and walked toward the open door of the store room.
    "My lord. Please. Stop."
    "WHY? So you can lie to me again?"
    "My lord, there's millions of dollars of research down there. It's all brilliant. But some of it is..."
    "My lord, you are an adult. If a policeman came to our front door, you need to decide, right now. Do you want plausible deniability, so you can say with a straight face that you have no idea what we are doing?"
    It must be big. Huge.
    "Does the Big Don know?"
    Laszlo nodded.
    "Then, so must I."
    Ryuuji charged downstairs. He saw the other servants staring back at him. Two vessels sat in the center of the room, surrounded by computer cables. Inside the glass of the left vessel was Maneki, one of the housecats, wrapped in bandages. On the right was...Maneki.
    "So, you clone cats?"
    "Not exactly, my lord. Genetic mapping of digital information, transport of the information through digital media, and reassembly using 3D printing."
    "So, the second cat is just a model?"
    He approached the right vessel. The second Maneki opened its eyes. And hissed.