Good Girls Gone Green (III): Something Borrowed, Something Blue
"I think it's Bluebird."
"In English, is bitch a female dog?"
"I think so."
"Then, it's Blue Bitch." Haruko offered Kotomi more sake before she poured more for herself.
"You know, I used to like Americans before I met her. I could spend all my time in New York. LA. Maybe Hawaii. But this girl? I warn you, Kotomi- if she thinks something is valuable, she will do anything to get it. And that applies to people to."
"I came here, all ready to spend all my time with Karsten. Just ready to soak everything in. But she wouldn't let him be. All the questions and the texts and the phone calls. My God! And the smiles! The flirting! I half expected to wake up in the morning with her between us in bed."
"Did you catch them together?"
"No, but he's so honest, he just admitted it. That's what broke us up the first time."
"And now?"
"And now, I'm the jealous current girlfriend who checks his phone and his journal for evidence of cheating."
She looked out the window, then looked back at Kotomi.
"The truth is, I'm glad it's you. I'm happy to hand him over to a Japanese girl with a big heart, a great figure, and lips that now taste like my favorite sake."
As her words still lingered in the air, Haruko bent down and kissed Kotomi.
"So, you're OK with this?"
"As long as it's not Bluebitch, I don't care. I'd rather see him with your Lovemore friends than her. Even Miss Futon."
"Black hair, big tits?"
"Oh, Tomoko's last name is Saeki. We call her Miss Fukoma because it's a title she won."
"Is she your friend?"
"She was, until she stole my boyfriend from me. I hated her so much that I left him, her, even my college just to get away. And now..." Kotomi looked at Haruko. "And now I'm doing that to you."
"What if I gave him to you?"
"What do you mean?"
Haruko reached for the sake, and poured. Kotomi noticed her unsteadiness, but took it anyway.
"We go somewhere, just the three of us. I arrive with him. We give him the night of his life. I leave, and you take him home."
Kotomi smiled. "I know just the place."
Kotomi had a brief flashback to being with Primero at Blue Mountain. He had taken pictures if hrr in her favorite swimsuit in front of the lake.
Haruko's lips curled. "What, some seedy love hotel you went to after prom?"
"There's a park outside my town called Blue Mountain. There's a quiet lake that we can go to in our swimsuits and hang out."
"I like quiet."
"You can get cabins, and it is very nice there."
Haruko got up and walked to her desk. She picked up a pencil and paper and handed it to Kotomi. "OK, write down the address and let's figure this out."
Kotomi watched Haruko walk to the door. She took a scarf that had been around the doorknob and placed it outside. She closed the door and locked it. Kotomi recognized her actions as the universal college "Do Not Disturb" sign.
"Don't want your roommate walking in on our planning?" Kotomi asked.
Haruko smiled back. "Something like that."