So I've drank an entire bottle of wine all to myself lol I'm so drunk right now but still able to type...yeeeeeah I win a priiiiiize
  • Kentaro Looks like everyone loves drinking.... Oh damn I am under 18, ..... but wait, no fuckin regrets.... I have a few grown up friends who can get me access to Japanese Sake! So yeah time to enjoy nihonn's best offering.
    Enjoy your time too! XD
    And I love throwing up after drinks! You too?
    • Keiryu Don't advertise your own posts on someone elses post.
      • Kentaro Ah sorry, did not realise that went against the rules. Just wanted opinions really.
        • Keiryu If people want to give you their opinions they will click your post and comment themselfs. It's also not against the rules per say. But if everyone did that we would mostly just have links to peoples posts as comments. It's how this things always start.
          • Keiryu [174774,Kittycat]

            *puts on police stripper outfit and aviator glasses* Darling...You have no idea. (⌐■_■)

            But yeah. We Admins can kind of do everything we want as long as we don't abuse our powers. We never got any real guidelines and SimMan himself said we can deal with stuff on a case by case basis.

            I just like to keep the wall clean of advertisments in general. Including fishing for attention. By asking people to check out their post.
          • Kittycat Ooh Keiryu you have such authority :P
  • Kittycat Ughhhhh
  • kotomifan Let us know how your head is in the morning. You'll be happy to know that you didn't break any of SimMans indecency rules while under the influence. At least not on Freedomwall. I cant speak for the people outside your window.
  • Ian Mayer well im not 21 yet so i wont know how long ill last until maybe should be fun ill post pics of my first time drunk if i can remember i was drunk how ever i act xD
  • Keiryu Darling I am still drinking after finishing one and a half bottles of whiskey and 5 energy drinks with one spilling all over my desk and here i am still typing like nothing.

    Sure i keep having a real need to take a piss every 20 minutes butt i blame the energy drinks for that.

    Still good for you always good to be drunk every now and then