Rules of the Freedom Wall (
This is a limitless digital wall for everyone to post and explore things with as little restrictions as possible (just enough to keep it from turning into total chaos). Our visitors come from over 190 countries with different cultures and backgrounds. Here are a few No's':

1) No illegal content

Child porn, for example.

2) No spamming

Don't be an asshole. Don't treat this as a dumping ground and add 32 junk posts in a row. No commercial advertising. 

3) No sharing files, passwords, and other sensitive information without owner's permission

You can share anything as long as they are yours, however. 

The admin will make the final judgement call on a case by case basis. If you are not sure, feel free to post it. We may remove it but it won't hurt your standing. The only exception is when someone repeatedly ignore the suggestions and warnings from the admins, then we may take further actions. 

Feel free to contact SimMan if you have any questions. Thank you for keeping the Freedom Wall proud and standing!
  • Go Buer Rules are Rules!
    • Keiryu And if you don't follow them your anus is mine...

      Nah. Just kidding. All your anuses are belong to me already. ^_^
      • Kentaro With an exception here. My Anus belongs to me!
      • ℟angßøømeՐ I will 'advertise' my.. Lewd Luube.. 'just for me-'.. members! (Might as well make a Profit from your misdeeds!)

        ..also..Who break them Rules.. shall feel the fury of my foot up yours!

        Just imaged the feeling of having my unwashed dirt-y feet on those delicate tight parts. ^.^
        • IKAros these 2 above comments ( [65583,Keiryu] and [78649,℟angßøømeՐ] ) just made me fear about the innocence of the members who use this site...
          • Keiryu Go for it buddy. My policy is equality. I would not be a stab happy asshole if i was not ready to get stabbed myself.

            So if you really want to stab me. DO IT!!! I won't stop anyone from trying. I am just gonna stab back. For the same reason as you. Cause it makes me happy. ^_^
          • IKAros [65583,Keiryu] how about i shove you knife down your throat for a change?????
            It will make me feel happy.
          • Keiryu [133988,Kentaro]

            Now first things first. All your asses belonged to me long before i even became Admin. This just really fortifies the whole "Ass Belong Keiryu" Logic.

            Second. You would be correct in assuming that my ass belongs to SimMan. BUUUUUUUUTT!!! You see. I never asked to be an admin or a mod unlike you for example. I was given the position without any say in the matter and just said "F**k it let's do his shindig". I really could care less if i lose my Admin status. But since i have yet to fail at doing my job i doubt it's going to be anytime soon. So yeah my ass belongs to Keiryu just like everyone else.

            And TURD!!! This is one of the definitons for fetish.

            "A Strong need or Desire for something."

            Now see this is accurate because i for example would never date anyone who has less hair then my personal taste implies. So yeeeeeah. It ain't a hobby genius. It's a lifestyle.

          • Robin Just a liking is more or less what I think about when people say "fetish". When I look it up, I find: "a need or desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement".
            That's pretty much what a sexual liking is imo. Don't know what your definition is? Or do you only relate fetishes to criminal sexual behaviour or something?

          • Kentaro [65583,Keiryu] Mate I fail to understand how being an Admin makes everyone's ass belong to you. Your Ass belongs to SimMan, honestly :p
            And well, Fetish, ain't the word. It can be called a hobby, a liking. Not exactly a fetish.
          • Keiryu @IKAros

            No need to fear Keiryu is here! Now just let me shove this knife down your throat and eeeeeeeeevery thing will be alright. ^_^


            I disagree. Everyone is a fetishist. We just all have diffrent fetishes. Like mine being long hair and crazy people or Rang having a fetish for Toph.

            Also. You know what the advantage of being an Admin is? It's that everyone's ass belongs to me by default. There are only 3 people who can safely say that i don't own their ass. Robin, SimMan and Akira who all have the same or higher positions then me.

            So yeah...It's good to be me. :D


            It's true. Everyone is guilty unless proven otherwise. That's why you stab the judge and the jury before anyone can prove you did anything. That way you stay innocent forever. ^_^
          • Kentaro We can call it normal Gentleman. Let's be real and talk what we really feel like.
            Of course, these members are not real life fetishers or Pedophiles.
          • Robin Nobody is innocent until proven otherwise :)
  • Deziio Nice rules keep on it. :D
  • IKAros Finally after searching the whole fucking internet, i found rules that is actually readable and not some law shit...
  • NOUR rules is good but some times it hard to follow it
  • ℟angßøømeՐ *Fixed* --℟angßøømeՐ Approved-- (^.^)b
  • Keiryu I am diggity with this...That's what the kids say nowadays right?

    But kidding aside one important thing i have to still point out is. Don't forget to give a reason to any of the people above when you report someone. I said this before but a new year is coming and i feel the need to inform the newer members.
  • SimMan Our rules are evolving according to the latest internet's general standard. Any comments?
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