Is anyone else impressed as fuck that SimMan and the team are fixing bugs and making improvements to Lovemore this early on upon release? I know I am! Props to SimMan!
  • Janet Anyway, the Akira re-design is A+
  • armageddon665 I just want to know the name of the song in final credits :D overall a decent 2 days gameplay game...
  • horizon I'm impressed that lovemore is extremely hard to hack or edit values :(
    • Kittycat Seriously? Actually put in the effort for a game that a group of people took years to complete. It feels much more rewarding when you're not cheating like a douche
      • Hotaru I don't see how someone editing anything in a single player game affects you in any way.
        • Keiryu Now now ladies. Only i am allowed to cause chaos and f**k with people. So unless you both suddenly grew a penis and legaly changed your name to Keiryu...I recommend we stop here. Kay? ^_^

          Now to make something clear. Kittycat was saying you should enjoy the game without trying to cheat. The feeling you get after you finally win will be that much greater. She was also not directly insulting you or him by the way. She was insulting everyone that cheats.

          Now neither of you is right or wrong for that matter. BuuuuTT! Do try to not insult our non english native members in the process. Which by the way are a lot. Myself included. ^_^

          FYI: If you want to cheat. Just pay for them like everyone else. Instead of trying to sneak your way around with tools. It's a lot easier.

          Now let's hug, kiss and make up you damn perverts. ^_^

          • Keiryu As i said it is in a "sense" ilegall. Simply in the sense that you are not supossed to do it. I admit i could have used another word to describe it better,

            Still it does not matter really. My main point still stands. You are not supossed to do it therefore you can't complain that it is hard to do. Which is what he was doing with his comment.

            As i said before. Personaly i don't give two wet farts about what everyone does. It's their choice. I just don't want to hear anyone complain.
          • Hotaru I understand what you're saying for mostly everything, but I can't see how doing what you want with a product you bought is illegal.

            Doing any sort of modification to your game should be treated like anything else, where, if you've done anything to your game, you no longer have support for it.

            The same with how you won't receive any technical support if you messed up the files in your browser. The same way you won't get a refund if you mess with a physical product too much.

            Illegal though? I don't believe it is.
          • Keiryu [38307,Hotaru]

            Personaly i don't really care if anyone cheats or edits the values. However he was in a sense complaining that it was hard to cheat. I simply stated it is not hard you just have to buy the cheats.

            I don't really care to cheat in any game. Mostly because that just takes away the whole "Gaming" aspect. However if you do wish to cheat which is a completly optional thing. As you mentioned it. You should not complain that you have to pay for it.

            It's as you said. You don't have to cheat to beat the game. There is also no content that is so impossible hard to get that you need to cheat. So the only reason anyone would cheat is because they are to lazy to actually play the game.

            Now if you go around the implemented cheating process by using a tool of some sort. Like a file/save editor or value editor. Something that is meant to change certain aspects of the game. Then you are doing something that you should not be doing to begin with. If the creator wanted you to cheat freely he would have just made an actual cheat for it. Like the old Testbug cheat for SImgirls.

            Trying to find a way around it is in a sense illegal...So yeah...Don't complain that it is hard to cheat. If it is made very clear that you are not supossed to cheat or mess with any ingame values.

            Now i won't stop anyone from trying but complaining that it is hard. That is just a douchy thing to do...Like Kittycat said.
          • Hotaru It wasn't my intention to insult non English native members, I was trying to understand if there was some confusion from how it would normally be read/vs what they meant.

            Also, I can't agree that one should pay for 'cheats' in a single player game, and that makes it okay versus tampering with a product you bought. The person never said they intended to cheat, either. I for one am the type that like to edit values in games simply to make them harder. And while I haven't looked into this game much, it already looks like the Always-online feature is solely for the micro-transactions. I find it silly it's not an option to play this offline for a feature that is 'optional'.

            Now, I'm not looking to start an argument, instead, a discussion. I'd actually like to know your opinion if you disagree with me here.
        • Kittycat I didn't mention it affects me in my comment at all. Read it again.
          • Hotaru -sigh- I don't know if you're a native English speaker, but starting a comment with "Seriously?", and ending it with an insult directly implies that you have personal feelings toward whatever you're talking about.

            That is, being affected.
  • Keiryu Well now is the perfect time to make improvements and fixes. Considering at this time the player base is the highest. Which in turn means higher feedback. So yeah. Better now then ever.
  • Janet Yes it's amazing. :)
  • kotomifan Im also impressed with the pictures in the game. Is Klaire still your favorite?
  • kotomifan You dont see Apple or Microsoft tech support acting this quickly. AGREE!