Wanted Dead or Whatever
Jacques didn't normally handle criminal law, but he was required to do pro bono work by Shambala law. And while a murder trial might be a long process elsewhere, a death happening during a fight between consenting gang members was a relatively cut and dried affair.Officer Lovemore was working the desk as he came in. The little ginger minx is easy in the eyes, he thought, as he sauntered up to the desk. After she zapped the dossier to his tablet, he made a point of pretending to read the dossier, while making mental notes on how well she fit her uniform top."So, tell me what you know about Mister... Ugly Mofo."
"23 years old, born in Perth Australia. Given name Lester Moore Fraser."
"All listed on the first three pages."
"And the victim is?"
"Vincent Willoughby. Or as he's known here, Purple Dog."
"I see. He's a fellow gangbanger?"
"Of course. was."

Jacques walked into the holding area, and was directed to his client.
"Mr. Fraser?"
"OK, Mr. Mofo. Have a seat. This shouldn't take long."
"This being Shambala, do you have any special abilities?"
"Like what?"
"Elemental skills?"
"I passed elementary school. Only took three tries."
"I mean, like air, fire, water..."
"When I hit people they go down."
"And did that happen here?"
"Sorta. Dog didn't stay down. So I kept hitting him until he stopped getting up."
"Was Mr. Willoughby alive or dead when you left?"
"You mean Purple Dog? He was pretty far gone, I guess. Did you see the pictures?"
"I have them here in the folder. Pretty bad."
"But not half as bad as the videos on Freedomwall."
"They're on Freedomwall?"
Jacques went to the site. There was his client. There was the victim, and the author was...MOFO.
"We need to get those videos off!"
"Why, man? It's trending!"
"I have a meeting with the prosecutor and the judge. I can only hope the courthouse has bad bandwidth."

The judge was extremely lenient. 90 days in jail, or 4 weekends on road crew, picking trash up off the roads, including the remains of Vincent Willoughby. His client's answer surprised him.
"I'll take the 90 days."
"No phones in lockup. But road crew? People see you in that orange outfit, and it's all over the net. I'll be mocked until I'm old. Like thirty."
"90 days it is."

Klaire was working the desk when Jacques came out.
"My client decided to go with lockup."
"Doesn't surprise me. Nobody wants to be on a roadcrew now that the meme's gone viral."
"Well, thank your department for their work. It must have been a struggle bringing him in."
"Not at all. He saw his mugshot on a Wanted poster, didn't like the picture, so he came in to have it retaken."
"So image is pretty much everything these days."
"Pretty much. People are used to being online 24/7."
"I see. I guess my work here is done."
"Yep. Back to your commute downtown and your mansion on Cacella Drive overlooking the cliffs."
"I beg your pardon."
"After I saw you checking out my profile, I decided to check up on yours."
"So what else do you know?"
"You're single, not online much, and that big old hot tub on your back deck must be chilly with only one person in it."
She took a pencil and a piece of paper.
"There's my number. I'm off at eight."
  • Keiryu Mofo is my kind of guy. When you hit something really hard it usually stays down. If that fails...HIT HARDER!!! Only diffrence is i personaly prefer to use my Rusty Trusty Knify.

    Plus. I think i would have taken lockup myself. Less because i would be ashamed but more because it would be a nice vaccation.