LOVEMORE - if your screen is not big enough try this (
Some people are using small screens that cannot fit the game size 1024 x 768, you may try similar tools like this one called Infinite Screen. It is free. 
  • Kentaro And what to do if my screen is too big? My 40" Display is kinda too big to get the game in full screen... :p
  • Janet I just hide my dock while playing. That works too for Mac users :)
  • Keiryu A good alternative i admit. However i still say it should be something that can be changed from the game itself. But that's just personal opinion. I say the same about every game that does not allouw me to change resolution.
    • SimMan We tried but it is not something easy to implement as most people would imagine. The main map is fine, but we will have to resize every object and adjust its positioning in the battle system one by one. So we have this minimum display requirement.
      • Keiryu Of course i understand it. Like i said it's just personal opinion. Honestly last case scenario people can just buy a second bigger screen. It's what i have and it comes in handy when doing...Stuff...Yeah...
        • IKAros would you care to elaborate "stuff" or is it just fapping??
          • Keiryu I would tell you but i have to kill you...Then again i probably kill you even if i don't tell you so the odds are 50/50 either way.
      • Ian Mayer well maybe in a post update it will become possible but I'm fine with the screen size right now at least I can play it xD