How to get old version?
There are many exquisite pictures in old version I like which got removed,think it really pity that because they are superbly crafted and how can I get the old version?? 
  • SimMan Pm Soham I would recommend
    • facedone the jigsaw of Tomoko can also be added to new version,it draws really good,after all,it's the ending picture of old version
      • SimMan I think most of the pictures are used somewhere in the new version they were just re-organized.
        • facedone just can't wait for the new version released
        • facedone that's great:),there are many pics like French kiss,the ending picture of 2.3,jigsaw of naked Tomoko and so on can be used again for its exquisite drawing,SimGirl has accompanied us for many years,I really don't want to miss any pic or scene.
    • facedone A suggestion:there are many great images in the old versions and DVD which could be added to the game,these pics can make the game more exquisite and content,after all,I find that many of them are suitable for the current version(GOLD),I feel that removing them is a waste.
  • facedone [24830,SimMan] [25033,Soham Banerjee]