Girl left out of the polls forThe Hottest Anime Girls Ever
  • Red Haired Devil Too many I'll probably never know them all
    • Red Haired Devil Then again I don't need to when I'm a resident of Shambala, Home to the beautiful Lovemore girls, and plenty of other women just as lovely.
      • Rasheed I'd asked that Bank lady out one time after flexing and she freaked out and told me, "She isn't impressed by my weak biceps & pathetic self-image!" I was so pissed off that I went to gym and exercised like I never did in my life! 20 laps around the Theme Park everyday, 50 push-ups everyday, dancing routines at the Nightclub everyday, Swimming at the Beach, hell, I even asked "dark-skinned beauty" to motivate me with constant encouragement. After few weeks of intense bodywork, I believe my self-image was 5206, I went back to see Ms. Money-bags. She still wasn't impressed! Goddamnit!! How can you find a sexy body unattractive?!
  • Rasheed They're so many different sexy anime girls, I can't even pick one!
  • Red Haired Devil Mikuru Asahina of the anime series Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.