Dark Side of a Star - Regrouping
Amy quickly gave the naked girls some cooking aprons to cover themselves.
"What...what happened to you in there?"
Sana tossed her gas mask on the floor.
"Nearest I figure, some variant on nitrous oxide. It explains the heat anyway."
Bel looked nervous, "Does it explain how wild we got?"
Sana grinned. "Maybe a little. I'm a sleepy drunk myself - I don't turn into Girls Gone Wild after just a few drinks."
Bel looked embarrassed.
"Tassy, can I talk to you?"

Korri signaled to Alexia to follow her.
"Where are you headed?"
"There's a gym across the street that I'm a member of. We can clean off there."

Bel followed Tassy to her car.
"I'll drive you home," she offered. "We can talk along the way."
Bel got in and buckled herself.
"I...um...normally don't get so friendly with people like that."
Tassy laughed.
"That wasn't all you."
"You mean that?"
"To be honest, you kind of stood there, like the Status of Liberty with a gun. A lot of those movements were all me."
Tassy put the car in gear.
"Can I ask why?"
Tassy drove in silence for a few blocks. Then she turned into a darkened parking lot.
"Because I thought we were going to die there. And if I was going to die, I was going to make sure I had been with you, first."
Bel blushed. Tassy was such an attractive girl. It had never dawned on her that she might have feelings like that. Especially for her.
"I...I had no idea."
Tassy stopped the car.
"Do you feel the same way about me?"
Bel reached for the seatbelt and released it. She reached for the handle that lowered the passenger seat. When it lowered as far as it could go, she reached down and took the hem of her apron. She wriggled her body as she pulled the fabric up. When her crotch was exposed, she moved her naked butt on the seat to free her back. She took both hands and pulled the apron above her breasts.
Within moments, Tassy had rolled onto her. They clawed at Tassy's apron as Tassy's lower body slid between Bel's thighs. A few hurried moments later, they were fully naked.
Their kisses were messy, as they tried to taste each other the best they could. Tassy could not reach Bel's crotch. Bel obliged by crawling in the back seat. Tassy followed, crawling leags first so she could lower her own mound on Bel's waiting tongue.

Alexia dropped her towel and joined Korri in the streams of water, and they kissed.
They opened their mouths almost immediately to each other's tongue.
Korri put her back against the wall. Alexia balanced on her toes; their bodies lined up, breasts to breast, navel to navel. Alexia released the kiss; she stood back on her feet, kissing her chin, her neck, her shoulder, as her fingers strokes her lover's sides. Alexia closed her eyes, and felt Korri kiss and nibble her chest.
It was just like Alexia imagined; a tender touch on each side, a warm tongue bathing her nipple. It was all she needed to get started.

Korri looked down through the fog of the cascading waters to see Alexia move down in front of her crotch, her eyes closed. She slid down the wall slightly, bending her knees as she did.
Korri's eyes opened. She looked down at Alexia and smiled, as she slid down onto the floor with her. She moved her head forward and kissed her clit. Alexia reached down to stroke her hair as her heartbeat rose. She closed her eyes and let Korri explore. Her cries echoed off the floor, mixing with the splashes of the water to form a joyful noise, a true duet.

Amy poured Sana some tea.
"So what do we do now?"
"I'd say, call the boys in. We need some more people down there with us."
"I was kind of hoping we could take care of this, ourselves."
"Me, too."
Amy went to pour herself a cup. As she did, she saw the picture that was sent to her earlier. It still made her laugh.
"Hey," she said to Sana.
"Want to see a picture of me, naked?"