Rosebery (Simgirls Remake) - The Gang
Who want to join the Black Yakuza in Rosebery? The next one I am thinking about either Karen or Alexia. Which one you think is more suitable for the role? If you have any other ideas/suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments. 
  • Rasheed This weird idea came to me, if this world is free-roaming, does that mean that gangs could attack you during random moments while walking around certain areas? The campus could be 100% safe but outside the campus could be the "dangerous spots". During gang attacks, you have to choose between 2 options: paying them a certain amount of money or fight them. But usually these fights are one-on-one with a random member of the Bikers or Black Yakuza. Every member has a different level of strength and weaknesses.
    • SimMan The whole game will happen within the school campus. The real gang war is happening in the background, and Rosebery is like a recruitment pool for new blood for both sides. There won't be massive gunfights. Mostly hand-to-hand conflicts in school with weapons like baseball bat and bokken.
      • Rasheed Ah okay, well I tried.
        Still, it would be cool to have conflict where you have to pay them something or they will fight you hand-to-hand.
        • SimMan Yes I will definitely include a few options to avoid any fight in school. In fact they will be asking for protection fees. If you refuse to pay up, then they will start making troubles.
  • SimMan By the way Kent is short for Kentaro
  • kotomifan So, if LeRoy is a biker then my suggested lineup of Black Yakuza "school gang" is Kingsley, Rasheed, Kent, and I'd add Akage and Josef the knife and tattoo artist. Bloody King's biker gang would be him, LeRoy, Toreda (weapons), Rakki the thief, and...Karen, who would be the previous generation of Yuki here.
    • SimMan I am just curious is there a reason you put Karen on the Biker's team ?
      • kotomifan Well, there's only two gangs, And since in this universe, Karen is working at the gym and Akage is in school, it makes sense that she go with the locals.
        • SimMan I asked because it's counter-intuitive to me, because the charm girl is always working at the pub with the Bloody King's gang the whole time, while Karen is shown in the school gym.
          • kotomifan Akage definitely fit in the pub crowd in SimGirls. IMHO, Karen didn't really fit, anywhere. So a "gritty reboot" Karen could fit any role you want.
            But I see your point. Like Leroy, Akage could join BK's bikers while still being at school. Conversely, if the gym is now in campus instead of in a back alley, Karen as a trainer would see more students than locals. Feel free to have them switch sides.
        • Rasheed Yeah, but Karen's personality is not exactly gang-like. That's what seems a little strange to me.
          • kotomifan She and Amy both need a purpose that doesnt involve time travel or DNA guns. They could be made into anything. That includes ghosts.
    • kotomifan [24830,SimMan], you could also have some or all of the future "SimMen" take sides. Robin or Antoniosan could be helping the bikers, or Cesar might use the Yakuza to get a foothold against the bikers. Wu could be a student or teacer at Rosebery. In fact, the formation of the 12 might have been SimMan's way of brokering peace.
      • SimMan One thing for sure Cesar will at least show up in the game. As the King of the Underworld he would have business connections with both the Bikers and the Yakuza. In addition I still need one new character to play the big boss of Yakuza, the counterpart of Bloody King.
  • kotomifan Looking good, Rasheed!
    As far as gang women, would you consider a third choice? I'd rather have Alexia on the "good guy's" side, and keep Karen in the background, if in the game at all.
    Imagine if Akage had crept out of the bar one night, and put on Lilith's tatoos and Yuki's hairstyle.
    • SimMan For those who doesn't know Akage is the charm girl in the pub in the old game. That's also a great option. She does sound more like gangster material. On the other hand this is the gang in school so if I choose her she will need to wear school uniform as well.
  • Rasheed Me, a Black Yakuza! And I look sexy! It's a dream come true!! So that's why you were asking which martial arts I prefer! That's a great honor!

    Part of me is on to Karen because he is a fighter and looks strong enough to take down some tougher gang members but part of me is leading to Alexia because she is a, "new" character. There could be more to her than what meets the eye. For what we know, she could be heavy in martial arts too. I am going with Alexia!

    It's funny because the name, "Rasheed" means "rightly guided".
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