Rosebery (Simgirls Remake) - Swimming
Instead of having many different mini-games in different styles, all activities will be happening within the same 3D World in Rosebery. 
  • Zampano Can't wait .. for Rooseberry.. such a huge evolution
  • kotomifan And I said Tassy was all leg? Look at Korri there, looking all sexy in her swimsuit. Wonder if I can interest her in some water sports....
  • Rasheed Let me guess, there will be a feature where you need to impress a certain lady? Where your reputation breaks little by little if you lose a mini-game?
    • SimMan One main theme of the game will be the Morning Star competition which will tie everything together, including the model agency. You will become the personal trainer of the girls and you can do different mini games with them to turn them into the ideal girl you want, and help them to win the competition.
  • Soham Banerjee I still prefer mini games in different styles instead of this.
    • Robin For me the style doesn't matter. It's how playable and fun it is, that's important. 2D can be great and 3D can be great.

      Having consistency in a game so you can feel more like you're a part of it, is something that makes playing the mini-games in the same world as the rest of the game a better choice here imo. Having a different style all of a sudden can break the overall flow of the story/game;

      The most important factors to be considered should still be playability and fun though. Neglecting those 2 just to have it in the same world is a bad idea.
      • SimMan You have my exact thoughts. Fun is the priority. After that drawing players into the World is the whole point.
  • Robin Any idea what mini-games are going to be included? Or too soon to tell?
    • SimMan Some early thoughts include swimming, soccer (penalty kicks), basketball (3 pointers), modeling agency, photography (make use of the full 3D models), sing and dance, thai boxing...
      • Rasheed Photography? Is it similar to DNA2 Simgirls?
        • Robin It's and old game, but I used to play "Playboy: The mansion" on PC. It's a game about running the Playboy empire by the way, not just about nudity (and the articles ofcourse) :p
          Anyway, it had a photography mini-game too (you need photos for you magazine after all). I'm imagining something like that.