Looks Promising!
Hi simman,your new upcoming Roseberry is looking very promising and great,i love your artworks and it seems like you are doing some sort of an semi open world like the witcher 3 from areas to areas? if that is it, then that is excellent and is a huge improvement for your upcoming game.

but i do have a question though,do you have any idea when it's gonna be launching? is it going to be the same scenario as Lovemore?

i'm asking this so that i don't want to be impatient like lovemore as you have have delayed it multiple times and i was starting to get impatient and frustrated. 

Anyways,yeah,please keep up the great work you are doing! 
  • eddie so quick question: is Roseberry going to be kinda an MMO with npcs and is the purchase option for the current game or is it a preorder?
  • SimMan The actions will be limited to the school campus only but the entire campus will be completely accessible, every single room, to maximize the freedom. The development is still very early. Please come back later to check for the latest updates.
  • Rasheed There isn't an official launch of Rosebery yet because it's still very early in the progress. SimMan is working like super hard at the moment to get set up.
    I believe it's going to hold a few similarities to Lovemore but I'm not quite sure. [24830,SimMan] is going to have to answer that.