Rosebery Simgirls Remake Project (
Please back this Simgirls Remake project at to bring this game to life and get all the early bird rewards too!  Those who acted early last time got Lovemore as low as $10 and please be assured that our team and I will be putting our 120% on this baby project. 

Thank you for your supports all these years!
  • Tom Well i dont want to sound disrespektful, i really appreciated lovemore and it was worth the money in all aspects, but if i want to decide abaut pleaging for Rosebery, i need to know, is it as grown up as Lovemore or good old dirty nsfw stuff, like simgirl 7.0 gold version?
  • Panda Banda when this game would be released ?
  • norman Is it the lastest version of simgirls?
  • gohan32 So, I definitely just signed up in hopes of getting Sim Girls 7.0. Sorry, I'm not willing to spend real money at the moment.
  • Asl Misuki @SimMan Hey SimMan, I'm curious as to what "Space Travel" is in the game?
    • SimMan It's a remake of the classic space date in Simgirls. Just like other dating activities in Rosebery it will be some kind of a mini-game with crazy rewards.
  • Keiryu I actually only now noticed this video. I blame it on my lack of given f**ks for most things around me.

    But now I finally confirmed my deepest suspicion. The S-Man is actually a WOMAN *DUN DUn Dun* Yeah I am talking out of my arse again...
  • SimMan All VIP members (those who ordered Lovemore $99 package) will be eligible for Rosebery alpha access, which will be only available in the $800+ co-creators packages. I honestly believe this game will make history so it is a GREAT chance to have your character and the story you want to tell live in the game forever! Who knows maybe 50 years later people will still play this game for good old memories.
  • Rasheed Whoa! $950 for the entire collection!
    • Robin Well, actually the entire "collection" only costs $450 :)
      It's not cheap, but I've seen similar prices with other games. It's more about giving much needed financial support to indie developers and the developers wanting to give something extra special in return.

      Anyway, I get what you're saying as I'd love to get that Tassy-figurine but $450 is more than I can spend on a game right now. I'll be going for the Essential package or maybe the Buddies package (bcuz I also like being in credits although nobody ever reads those :p).
      • Rasheed I will probably end up paying for the $950 because I have a weird feeling I will regret it. But I am going to need to save up like a mad man. Lol.
        • SimMan You will! It will be an epic game and hey as a co-creator we will be making gaming history together haha. Imagine 30 years later people will still find your character and your story inside the game.
          • SimMan It really depends on the response from the players. Say we have a healthy budget we can afford a bigger team. After gaining a lot of experience last time we will do a much better job in planning. Assuming we can hit the target for budget, I want to keep the development within one and a half year.
          • Rasheed Don't mean to be demanding but when do you and the team believe you can finish up Roaebery?
    • SimMan I checked all the other video games projects on kickstarter gofundme etc., most of them have $1000+ , $3000+ options.
  • ThaiNg If I buy this game, how do I install it? I have no idea about computer science.
  • Robin Great choice for the narrator :)
    She allows for a more relaxed viewing/listening experience imo.

    By the way, is it Korri or Korry?
    • SimMan Great. It is officially Korri. I noticed that but it was done by another program so instead of correct it like in a word document we will need to re-render the clip and go through a several programs. At thr end I just leave it as a lot of names have variations too.
      • Robin Yeah, it isn't worth it.
        I didn't even notice it the first time. And I assume the video is primarily for targeting people who haven't heard about Rosebury yet so they'll definitely not notice it :p
  • kotomifan In prep school, he was just Danny. Young, skinny, occasionally slammed to the floor Danny. But when he went to college, he discovered SMA. And now he's DUN DA DA DUN....DAN THE MAN!
  • zomkungz Sound great

    This game look like "Artificial Academy"
    Anyway I prefer slowly developed relationship with character in the game, something longer or something so call in RPG "farming". And another point, the route system like in Visual Novel game ( I can go with game over route, make more fun for new game+).

    always support your work !
  • Rasheed Good job! That sounds better!

    This just gets me more hyped up for this game more than ever!!!! I don't know what else to say but HOLY SH*T I AM SO READY FOR THIS!!!!

    By the way, who is Danny?
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