• Keiryu I honestly don't see a problem. I know a lot of survival including several things to avoid due to being an outdoors person. I also spend roughly two/three months without a roof over my head to know how to live without it.

    It's actually not that hard unless ya weight like a ton and can't scratch ya own arse to save ya life.

    Still waiting on that Apocalypse to be honest. Sure imma miss the interwebs but I take any excuse I can get to legally forcefeed someone their own anus

    Problem with most people wanting an Apocalypse is that they imagine themselves as this fallout hero who kicks all arse and takes all names without even knowing how to do basic shit like shooting a gun or skinning a carcass. While guys like me know they are gonna die and simply don't give a f**k. We are just gonna enjoy the little things like the previously mentioned anus forcefeeding.

    So yeah don't expect to become the next kick ass wasteland hero or ya gonna end up eating ass...literally...
  • Ebony i at least last a week due to knowing how to make fire and how to make a proper shelter like a lean to (i think thats the right spelling) and some basics but much longer then that and i will most likely be screwed.