Rosebery Comic Act 15 p13 DRAFT
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  • kotomifan Study in your room next time. Possibility of seeing Tassy: 0.0000000%.
    • SimMan How about going to class? Walking in the corridor? Eating in the cafe? Playing basketball ... he may as well quit Rosebery.
  • Keiryu To be fair. It is none of ya bussiness ya dumb shit...Ya the one with a girl... She can f**k the entire school for all that matters.
    • SimMan You are repeating exactly what he is saying + a lot of emotional turmoil
      • Keiryu Well yeah...I am agreeing with him. Should have made it more clear by saying "IT IS NONE OF YA BUSSINESS!!!"

        The P-Man may be saying it is none of his bussiness but that face says a thousand words. He is pissed...Well either that or he just ate something bad...
  • Spartan tik tok awkward situation incoming !
  • Rasheed Well shit! That fucking straightforward! Now he has to beat one of those bros!! But there is no way you can get away with that in a library!
    • kotomifan You have forgotten about SimGirls, dates 90-97. There's a LOT of shit you can get away with in a library.
    • SimMan

      See this page again for the school policy. It is a heaven for liberals you can do anything as long as the teachers are not around.
  • dead_phone Can't help myself than thinking that this is his double-never-dreamed-of-get-her-for-good-chance: beat the shit out of the TWO guys and please the gang. Rescueing Tassy is the bonus.
    • kotomifan Or, he lets the guys two-time her, waits for them to finish, and then overpowers one of them like a lion picking off the least of the herd.
      Damn, I'm cynical today!
    • SimMan Just like the game you can run around and beat up people you don't like.