When people overuse words!
Mentally ill = terrorist

Ignorant people = Liberals
  • Mike Its a classic witch hunt situation, terrorist has a face, that of a middle-eastern looking turban wearing Muslim.

    How Is It the famous hate speech goes; "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims".

    Its all about word association, If they began calling white people terrorist, It might change the fact that when I say terrorist, you would no longer think of a middle-eastern turban wearing Muslim.
  • kotomifan The Oxford lady leavres out a crucual 8th characteristic understood by every media member- foreigner. Bin Laden? Terrorist. OK City bomber? Not terrorist. Foreign born guy who blows up Boston Marathon? Terrorist. Shooters at Virginia Tech, Colorado, and now Vegas? Unabomber? Not terrorists. Why not? American made. You see, in 'Murica, only furriners are terrorists.