Finally! FreedomWall Video Sharing
Just click the VIDEO link besides HOME on the top bar. It is like a mini-youtube right there. As a pilot project you can only upload videos less than 20MB however, because we are not the rich guy.

This is our best effort to try providing alternative platform for public forums, if the elites decided to go full Political Correct Liberal/Communist mode. 

You can also visit it directly:
  • Rasheed Do I need another account for this?
  • Keiryu Huh. Interessting. I never paid much attention when it comes to video sharing. But it does give us more. Well...Freedom...
  • SimMan [94148,Fear57] You asked for one so...
    • Fear57 Oh shit dude I didn't think you'd do that. I hope this isn't eating you alive in bills now. I have a new toy I purchased and tomorrow when I test it, I'll see if I can upload it.