Dark Grey project Updates
I've been working on this project again for the last few days. I think it will take too long for me to finish Dark Grey, so I am going to work on a mini version of DG, which will be short and sweet instead. Make no mistake I still want to make DG at the end, but I do want to release something a lot sooner to keep people happy.  
  • Binary_Fairy Just know that some people will be happy keeping up with what ever you put out, and others won't be happy with any speed that you release content. Just release your best stuff, and the fans will flock to it.
  • kotomifan The trend these days seems to be to come up with a teaser game, then bring up new sections so people can come back for more.
    You could just swap Primero's ugly mug for Ryuuji, make a couple of quick "Ryuuji kicks Primero's ass" scenes, and put it up on NG. Once people are hungry, you swap Freedomball for swimming and take it from there.
  • dead_phone Maybe releasing DG in episodes might be an option, too?

    Anyway, good to see that DG is still being developed. Can't wait to see it on my computer.