Hi everyone!
It's been a really long time since I've been on here. Damn. How's everyone been? What have I missed?
  • Fear57 You missed a period of the site being dead and me making a cringy as fuck commercial for it.
  • Keiryu Welcome back. As for what ya missed. Most was already explained it pretty well. Always nice to see some older members again though.
  • kotomifan Hey, welcome back! The Sim-boss is trying a few new ideas. Also, there has been a few memes, some partial nudity, and a small dash of politics.
    What's new?
    • Kittycat Haha, interesting! Nothing's new really. Just trying to get a job at the moment but that's about it. How bout you?
      • kotomifan Funny thing, work. When you don't have it you'd kill to get it. When you have it, you count the hours to quitting time. So, at the moment, I'm counting. And trying not to get caught admiring the art of the Freedomwall while I'm at it.
  • SimMan A lot. Just for example I am working on a version of Simgirls based on female perspective, partially inspired by the fanfic you started many months ago. Welcome back my friend!