Simgirls VN - TIPS and HELP (

As a game designer I do want people to discover these tricks or secrets by themselves. I will give some hints here.

1) There are four mentors in the game. You can date them too. Use them wisely. 

2) Have you found Aoi Karin in the game? Where did she go after the first encounter? Talk to people.

3) If you need to increase mood faster, always bring a company. 

4) There are two options to choose in every major scene. It actually does something to the Bond Levels. Choose what will help your situation. 

Play the game now:

  • Patrick Flynn I have looked in every room in the school, and on every location on the map many times, but no Sana. The walkthrough says I can find her in the modeling agency, but I don't have that on my map. Maybe he means simgirls tower? Nope, she's not there, only some man is. Please don't tell me to keep looking, because I feel like I've tried everything, and don't know where else to look.
  • SimMan If you max out everything including her accessories you will get 12000+ points. Go the your stats, scroll ALL pages
  • Soham Banerjee I have another problem, I maxed out everything on Day 29, but the score is still 9794, instead of 10000.What should I do now?
  • Soham Banerjee Don't know if its a bug, I updated Skin from Shopping mall, it showed +100, but the skin stat is the same, it didn't increase
  • Soham Banerjee I can't find sana & Karin @ all, another thing is that I am confused about Akira & Kotomi. Should I train with Akira for Voice, Skin & Hair? Should I take kotomi for curves,hips etc.?
    • SimMan Keep searching. I would take a modeling mentor when................................. modeling. I would take a gymnastics mentor when doing............... gymnastics.............
  • Matthew Si I did move around a lot for the secret passage but I could not find any, should I talk to whomever I see or actually find something? Also after the first encounter with Karin, I knew that she was with Junta a the themed park but I could not find that, isn't that the central city park where there's a guy doing nothing?
    • SimMan Hmm... should I just spell it out? Let me think a bit.
      • SimMan Ok Central Park is not a themed park. There is another real themed park/amusement park. If it is a hidden passage, that means... you can't see it, but it is still there. Hope it helps.
  • kotomifan Q: where will Kotomi's future VM story come from? You took a lot of her story from the manga (the showers, the losing the leo during the routine, etc) and (very cleverly) used it on Tomoko. I like the way you did it- it just leaves poor Kotomi a little short on source material.
    • SimMan You know I was planning to do short stories only, say if I do Kotomi's Story, I will reuse a lot of graphics, with photoshop modifications again.
      • SimMan So you will expect to see some overlapping with similar scenes for different girls. I know some would like to see an integrated story like the old Simgirls with all girls in one game, but it won't be having multiple submissions to increase exposure of the series. Nothing is confirmed at this point I will see more feedback before making the final decision. What do you think?
        • kotomifan Yeah, I could see that.

          And you're at 6000+ views and counting. So if you're planning some similar trips for Tomoko's classmates (among others), clearly you have a market for future Simgirls VNs. Let us know if you need any ideas!
          • SimMan Please, just throw me any idea any time, this forum is my major source of inspirations. Now you see the limitations and potentials of VN system, maybe you can do a Kotomi's story as well?
  • Blackjack Argh, I thought I am going to see some tips about the secret passage. I think I have to figure it out myself, though.

    Anyways, great work as always. When I played this game, sometimes I was confused because I couldn't distinguish which picture is from the manga of Masakazu Katsura and which one is not :)) Don't blame me, I only read that manga once and it years ago.