Updated Save System for GOLD
I think I have fixed the save problem in VN, so I just did the same to GOLD. For those looking to get a copy of GOLD with the updated save system please PM me your Lovemore or Rosebery email.

By the way 6.6 is now on NG. Save system also updated. 
  • CultOfSaekiSoldierSec Just completed the new game and (wow) I have to say that I am very impressed. It is the best work you have done since Simgirls Gold.

    I just have a few questions:
    1) Is there an event for every time you level up in the game (as I don't seem to be getting any
    more after the fight, am I doing something wrong)?
    2) Will you be updating the game - with coloured images/ different camera angles (similar to how
    you did with gold) - for the events or will they remain black and white?
    3) Will you be adding new content to the game and perhaps extending it in the future (here's hoping you answer YES)?

    Great work thanks again!
    • SimMan Thanks. Here're some quick answers:
      1) No more events after meeting with Karin and Ami after the fight. You are just supposed to max out her stats to win the gradol contest
      2) Manga style is a theme of this game.
      3) I do want to do something for the last few level ups. They are supposed to be some kind of bonus but still. There is no solid plan at this time. It all depends on feedback from players.
  • SimMan It is working please try again.
  • Bhawat Chuijorhor not work for me both file game and NG.